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Brazil – Liberty Journal -a strong police apparatus of the Polícia Militar do estado de Minas Gerais, with about 400 policemen, in compliance with injunction of repossession, poured some 350 families homeless occupation Eliana Silva, located in the neighborhood of bass, on Avenida Barreiro Perimetral, Santa Rita, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The eviction took place from the morning 6:0 this Friday April 11, 2012. Despite the police brutality, the 350 families resisted, because there is no worthy alternative to them.

Photo credit: Adriano Ventura

With an illegal action, nipped and irresponsible, the military police invaded the occupation Eliana Silva and dismantled all the huts of the families that occupied this area since 21 April. The situation remained tense throughout the time, with the residents themselves under siege within the site, not police having access to your belongings, being all thrown into a truck.

The military surrounded the access to land and do not allow the output of occupants and even other people’s input. Are agents of 41 battalion, reverse share split Táticas Especiais (Gate) and the shock Battalion. Teams of emergency service mobile service (Samu) also went to the site to meet wounded, in case of confrontation. Some military occupied the woods surrounding the ground, closed the street where is the entry into the community while a police helicopter overflew the area all the time.

The climate of anger and outrage was enormous. People get injured on the spot and the whole process took place with many assaults and violence by the police. One of our local employees informed, on which a woman 2:0 pm, was brutally beaten by police and that they continue beating residents arbitrarily.

The Belo Horizonte City Hall did not submit any documents proving that the area belongs to the municipal public power, but, even so, the eviction was carried out and was not taken into account any legal requirements to which the action was legitimate. It is an illegality and arbitrariness without size.

Despite the brutality of the police apparatus, the families continued resisting mounting bonfires inside the ground, burning tires and shouting slogans and resistance. The occupants claimed the unlawfulness of eviction and resisted the attempt of withdrawal on the part of police officers.

The Coordinator of the movement of struggle in neighborhoods, villages and slums, Leonardo Pericles, questions the exaggeration of the military police in action. In the morning, Leonardo mining declared to the press that “is about to happen a pine here in Belo Horizonte” referring to expropriation of the neighborhood Pinheirinho, in São José dos Campos, in the Paraíba Valley, in São Paulo.

While the repression against the inhabitants occupy, the President Dilma Rousseff was in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, in Betim, launching units of my house, my life.





Below is the previous communiqué issued by friar Gilvander:

Belo Horizonte, 5/11/2012, Friday, at 4:0 in the morning.

Disclose to everyone that the camp of the occupation of the homeless families in Belo Horizonte/MG, called “Eliana Silva” installed in the Industrial District of the region West of the Capital, Jatobá is under severe threat of eviction.

Extraoficiais information received on this dawn of 6f., (5/11/2012) by camp leaders/Occupation Eliana Silva, that readiness to perform PMMG is a repossession order in favor of the city of Belo Horizonte, left bewildered at all about 350 families of landless and homeless, whose numbers approximately 1,400 people, including children,, adolescents and the elderly, among which there are blind and disabled people.

The eviction was authorized by a judge of collective Right of the 6th Municipal farm Made Rod district of Belo Horizonte/MG, Dra. Lucy, whose order was published in 4/26/2012.

Legal counsel of homeless families, appealed to “claim”, “Embargoes against the 6th Municipal Farm stick of Belo Horizonte, which is a legal remedy procedure which has the effect of revoking the decision to dump has already been taken.

Opposing counsel embargoes by the obscurities and contradictions of the questioned decision injunction of repossession because the judge, Dra. Luzia, not clarified precisely if the municipality of Belo Horizonte has possession of the land on the dispute.

Documents that are in process does not prove anything that the land belongs to the Prefecture of Belo Horizonte, on the contrary, such land is abandoned for more than 30 years and served to dump. Notary Declaration informs you that the area does not have annotation, nor registration and not registry.

The Belo Horizonte City Hall on a first attempt to obtain the injunction against these dump 350 families homeless, on duty in 4/22/2012 Sunday, lost the forensics injunction, since the judge, Dra. Moema, did not notice in the documentation of the prefecture that the possession of the area belonged to him and because I had no concrete proof of possession or ownership of the municipality of Belo Horizonte in the land in dispute.

The 350 homeless families grouped in wrestling at the neighborhoods, villages and Slums – MLB – fear eviction, because in the camp under canvas, black infants are sleeping and newly born.

The incursion of tropa de choque MILITARY police of MINAS GERAIS could put at risk of death the occupants, since there are also people with disabilities that may not run at the time of the dump.

There is the imminent danger of massacre and death of many people with the entry of heavily armed police. The use of tear gas, pepper gas, is lethal to the elderly and newborns born or smaller of 05 (five) years of age. There may also be a risk of pisoteamento of people at the time of the confusion with the Military Police troop incursion.

Address of Occupation Eliana Silva:

Perimeter road, lots 30 and 29, block, at the height of 155 PREMIAÇO Factory in Barreiro de Baixo, in Belo Horizonte, MG. reference: near the end of the 31 bus, near the Field of Santa Rita.


Call Leonardo Pericles: phones: (31) 9133-0983 or (31) 9331 4477 or (31) 5356 9716.

Elcio Pacheco (lawyer): (31) 9767 3596

Jovian Mayer (lawyer), cel.: 31 9477 4227 or cel.: 31 885 4120

Frei Gilvander Moreira, CPT, cel.: 31 3040 9296.

Fighting movement in neighborhoods, villages and Slums (MLB-MG)

Frei Gilvander Moreira, Advisor of. CPT/MG.

Check Out More Information BELOW:

After much pressure from Belo Horizonte, the white letter gave justice to in the next few days the police evict the occupation Eliana Silva, located in the District of Santa Rita, Barreiro, since April 21. A shock battalion minibuses have been in occupation since yesterday and now at night, dozens of cars were positioned in front of the main entrance.

Although the city claim the land, until today it has not proved to be really dona batch-to-batch consistency. Official documents that are in the possession of the legal counsel of the occupation show that the ground is the Earth devoluta, without owner.

Yesterday, day 9, during a public hearing of the Legislative Assembly, the Commission on human rights of the ALMG and the prosecutor asked that the City Government sought a solution to the Villa of 350 households residents of occupation. “There is a total lack of housing policy in Minas Gerais and no good cause to police. You have to deal with social problem with social policy, “said State representative Durval Angelos, President of the Commission of Human Rights of GUATEMALAN.

Prefectural representatives acknowledged the housing deficit, but did not provide any concrete to solve the problem. Families seek a negotiated solution with the city. “We are open to discuss a way out, we can even discuss another place to stay. But let’s not leave to stay under the bridge, “said Leonardo Pericles, Coordinator of the movement of struggle in neighborhoods, villages and Slums (MLB) and resident of occupation Eliana Silva.


Occupation Eliana Silva

(31) 9133-0983 / (31) 9331-4477 / (31) 9189-7373

ocupacaoelianasilva. .br

An affectionate hug. Gilvander Moreira, Carmelite Friar. Email: Facebook: gilvander moreira Skype: gilvander. moreira


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  1. COMMUNIQUÉ OF THE BRIGADES-LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE EVICTION OF OCCUPATION ELIANA SILVA-MLBby Brigades on Sunday, May 11, 2012 at 12:05 pm ·Belo Horizonte, May 11, 2012 – 15:00 hPlease be advised that this afternoon the PM is performing the dump of the occupation Eliana Silva Fights movement, organized by neighborhood, villages and Slums – MLB, installed since April 21, 2012, in a wasteland (Regional Barreiro) owned by the Belo Horizonte City Hall.The Belo Horizonte City Hall, in an arbitrary manner, performs illegal evictions and pointless, as the reasons below:1) eviction contradicts State law nº 13,604/00 establishing the obligatory establishment of a negotiating Commission to avoid violent actions in cases of repossession, composed of representatives of the parties and Human Rights institutions. THE COMMISSION HAS NOT BEEN SUMMONED!2) the lawyers/the protocolaram resource occupation Eliana Silva (Arms Embargo Declaration) to fight the injunction issued by the 6th Vara dump of Municipal Finance of Belo Horizonte. The Embargoes were distributed to claim the third civil Chamber of the ESSAY with the Judge in charge of Mr. Elias Camilo after a distinguished Attorney of Town ghosts … of Dr. Antony began to argue that it had sufficient evidence to decide, namely, the Municipal Executive has now seen by the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais. THE POLICE ACTION HAS CONTRAVENED THE SUSPENSIVE EFFECT OF THE APPEAL WAS FILED!3) the Belo Horizonte City Hall failed to provide proof about the possession of the area, which was abandoned for decades. The PBH did not provide any evidence to substantiate its legitimacy to promote eviction proceeding against the homeless families occupied Eliana Silva.Eliana Silva dump of the occupation was done in marra and now the families are negotiating with the police and with the city to stay on the ground that if in fact it is the prefecture is domain usage, i.e. public. ALL STALLS WERE DESTROYED BY OLD ACTION. The families are staying out.That said, it is essential to strengthen the solidarity with the families and with the MLB.ALL SUPPORT TO FAMILIES OF OCCUPATION ELIANA SILVAALL MLB SUPPORTGreetings BrigadePopular brigades / MG!/profile.php?id=100002625907646&sk=wall

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