Planet Under Pressure ~ What scientists expect from Rio + 20

What scientists expect from Rio + 20

13:02, 8/04/2012

Redação Época

At the end of March, more than 3 thousand scientists, from all parts of the world, gathered at a Conference in London called Planet Under Pressure [Planet under pressure]. At the end of the Conference, these researchers have produced a final document that criticizes the current posture of international negotiations to play the solution of environmental problems is always for the future.

The text argues that human action has influence on the climate and the environment of the planet, and says that without immediate action, humanity will move on to face the threats in areas such as water, food, biodiversity and natural resources. These arguments are not new, but scientists also added to text recommendations for Rio + 20. They argue that those countries gathered at the Conference, which will take place in June in Rio, should implement at least three measures:

The restructuring of environmental international organisations: the document asks international bodies that act with environment are strengthened, and advocates the creation of a Council for Sustainable Deenvolvimento within the United Nations. “There are also strong support to strengthen global governance including civil society, business and industry at all levels of decision-making,” says the text.

Creating goals for sustainability: researchers support the proposal to create, in the Rio + 20, Sustainable Development objectives. Would be similar goals to the UN Millennium Goals, but would work for both rich and poor countries. “The scientific community should be involved in the development of these goals, objectives and indicators”.

Values for environmental services: the third point asks are known values (monetary or otherwise) of environmental services. The environment provides “services” to purify the air, provide fresh water, climate control, among others. Currently, when an industry deals damage to the environment, it quantifies this damage, and the injury gets all society. The document calls for mechanisms to prevent the damage of environmental damage are borne only by the collective.

The recommendations of the researchers are not too far from that other sectors of society are charging of Rio + 20. Still, to strengthen these positions, scientists will conduct a meeting at the Conference, before the arrival of the heads of State at the Rio, and should present more claims.

(Bruno Calixto)


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