Princess of Kuwait visit village Kari-Oca

Princess of Kuwait visit village Kari-Oca

Posted by June 18, 2012/Advisory Committee Intertribal
Strong supporter of environmental issues in their country, the Princess Amthal Al-Ahmad, Kuwait, opened on Monday (18) to list of international authorities Visitations of Kari-Oca. She was received by the President of the Intertribal Indian Science and Memory (ITC), Samira Tsibodowapré, and Director of the NGO, Carlos Terena, which welcomed the visitor. “When I learned that the natives of Brazil would be gathered here, I tried to find them so relaxed and natural,” said the Princess.
The head of the delegation of Kuwait at the Rio + 20 met the Oca of knowledge, where the indigenous leaders are putting together the “Earth Charter”, which will be presented at Riocentro. According to Terena, of the document based on the traditional culture of the people is rising the big message to the world with relation to the environment and sustainability. “We want to be the main part when talking about preservation of nature,” he said.
Princess is an activist in the environmental protection through a non-governmental organization. Combat, through complaints and effective actions, the overthrow of air pollution and forests and rivers. “In our country there is a Ministry of the environment, so embrace the cause until that happens.”


A princesa Amthal Al-Ahmad, do Kuwait e indígenas da etnia Pataxó
Princess Amthal Al-Ahmad, Kuwait and indigenous ethnic Pataxó
Amthal Al-Ahmad explained to indigenous questions regarding sustainability and inquired about Terena advances achieved since the Eco-92, showing concern for the garbage that isn’t recycled. “Among the causes of forest fires are burning pet bottles with the heat from the Sun and make a huge damage in flora “, pointed out.
Acesse o site oficial da kari-Oca:

One thought on “Princess of Kuwait visit village Kari-Oca

  1. Hello Princess,

    Thanks for visiting Brazil. I am Md. Atiqur Rahman one of the poor person in that world are from Bangladesh inviting you to visit my country. There is lots of wonderful place & all the people in my country will be happy if you visit Bangladesh. If you have time, please come & see us.
    May Allah help you at each corner in your life.

    Md. Atiqur Rahman,
    Chittagong , Bangladesh.

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