Vale will destroy thousands of caves in Amazon


Vale will destroy thousands of caves in Amazon

Historical records of 10 thousand years of human occupation in the Amazon will be destroyed indiscriminately. The caves will be demolished without having even been searched. Archaeologists hired by the caves Valley itself qualified as “maximum relevance” and desautorizaram the entry of excavators.

Contrary to the opinions of archeologists, cavers and Chico Mendes biodiversity conservation Institute (ICMBio), the federal Government gave preliminary license for an investment of 20 billion dollars in iron mining, in the South of the Serra de Carajás, in the heart of the Amazon.

Thousands of caves are destroyed. There is no way to preserve them, because the extraction of the ore is made from the demolition of the ground. Nothing will be standing, including the caves, which guard relics that date back to 10 thousand years ago.



Research done in recent years by speleologists and archaeologists, hired by the Valley, recommended the preservation of sites, considered by them as “maximum relevance”.

Technical opinion of ICMBio, recommending the preservation of the site, even been considered by the federal Government, which gave the prior environmental license through the Ibama.

The negotiation with the high-ranking Government was made by the President of Vale, Murilo Ferreira. After the issue of prior environmental license, Ferreira visited President Dilma Rousseff and made an exhibition about mining’s plans for the region. The meeting took place on Wednesday 27, at the Presidential Palace.

Historical records of 10 thousand years of human occupation in the Amazon will be destroyed indiscriminately.

Between the preservation of historical heritage and the sum of 20 billion dollars to double production in Serra dos Carajás, we are left with the second option.


The Government even sent an expedition to try to know the size of the prejudice that the country will have with the destruction of caves.

Not surveyed, did not take into account the opinion of ICMBio, did not listen to archaeologists and cavers hired by the mining itself.


In their official documents that came to public, It omitted the existence of the caves. Reported only that the environmental impact will be minimal, because the ore will leave the region on treadmills with 30 kilometres long, to areas without environmental constraints.

The Vale has serious problems in the production chain. The best known is the supply, with iron ore, steel mills involved with environmental devastation and slave labor, as several studies have shown that, over the past few years.


Less than 12:0 am after informing that your opinion was contrary to prior environmental license, ICMBio relented. On the afternoon of Thursday 28, Ibama issued a statement in which he claimed to have favourable opinion issued by ICMBio.

Everything was thus solved.

Vale now works for the definitive environmental license and put mine in operation in 2016.

It is the largest iron mining project in progress in the world. Will increase by 82% in production, which will pass system called North of present-day 109 to 200 million tons of iron ore.


Source: The Sustainable Network

Matter sent by Luiz Rivers


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