Indigenous Committee project GATI discloses manifesto against the Ordinance of AGU

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We, indigenous leaders of the members of the project Steering Committee GATI (environmental management in indigenous lands), formerly known as Gef indigenous, considering the frontal attack practiced by the Government of President Dilma Rouseff, territorial rights of our peoples with the Concierge Edition 303/2012, Attorney General Attorney General of the Union (AGU) saw attendance express our repudiation of this authoritarian measure, own of dictatorial regime, whose sole purpose is to restrict and revert our rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and by international instruments such as ILO Convention 169, which is law in the country since 2004, and the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.
We reject this measure practiced precisely by those who should defend the rights of our people, but they decided to arbitrate in favor of historical enemies of our people, secularmente subjected to constant attacks of all kinds in the different areas of the State, in permanent climate of legal insecurity and social. We do not accept that our peoples and communities continue to be taxed as impediments to the development of the country, the deployment of developments of the growth acceleration program and much less to be considered constant threats to national security, political and territorial integrity of the country. The most hypocritical, however, the Government insists on calling our organizations and leaders to spaces and instances of dialogue as the National Commission on Indigenous Policy (CNPI), the Forum of Presidents of District Advisers (CONDISI), the Permanent Committees, the Executive Committee of CONSEA GATI, and shameless way, even for the regulatory process of consultation mechanisms of the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We do not accept to be mass of dark interests manoeuvre or antics to manipulate us to legitimize decisions as the gatehouse 303 and others as the restructuring Decrees of the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) and the Decree of PNGATI, edited with changes that have not been approved by us, which contradict the absurd way the rights of our people, in favor of the interests that give support to government policies, notably contractors involved with the large enterprises, landlords and owners or representatives of agribusiness and other corporations interested in indigenous lands and riches that they harbor.
For these and other reasons already explained in manifestations of our grassroots organizations and the articulation of indigenous peoples of Brazil (APIB), and by various institutions, including governmental, personalities, organizations and social movements, we demand the immediate revocation allies and integral 303 Concierge.
We demand the Government, through the project coordinators GATI, which promotes the implementation of the same, ensuring for both financial resources that exist only in so far, paper that provides planning resources from FUNAI, and the Ministry of environment, in addition to the provided by the Global Environment Fund of the United Nations. We, indigenous members of the Steering Committee are being widely collected by our people of the land selected by participating in so many meetings that do not result in activities that benefit our communities, that after almost 10 years of involvement in the construction of the project, crave tangible results. Not going on this, we come to be liable and charged by the delay or cost resources targeting almost exclusively related to administrative, consulting and maintenance of bureaucratic structures.
We reiterate our commitment to continue collaborating in the execution of this project, but we recommend the coordination of GATI who prioritize projects and concrete actions in our communities.
Brasília-DF, August 14, 2012

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