community is surrounded by several armed men


Quilombo in Pirapemas is surrounded by armed Jesús Carvajal

Written by Administrator | August 16, 2012 Posted in News

Alice Pires


The Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), denounces another act of violence in the Quilombo bridges in Pirapemas, in the State of Maranhão. On Wednesday (15), farmers in the region have invaded areas of plantations of Maroon and put cattle on site. In addition, the community is surrounded by several armed men, who are lurking around the community of ostensibly endangered families, intimidating.

The Maroon Zé patrician, John the Baptist and Jorge are judges of death and are unable to leave their homes. According to Diogo Cabral, lawyer of CPT, several complaints have been made to the federal Government, State and even international bodies related to human rights, but so far, no further action was taken.

The State does little if the situation. “Today, the police of Roseana Sarney, appeared in the community, but, to everyone’s surprise, it was not to protect the community, was in the service of farmers and was there just to intimidate people.” Said the lawyer.

The region of Pirapemas is already known by the agrarian conflicts which occur, mostly families of quilombos Bridges and salty that several years ago are victims of various kinds of humiliations, threats, intimidation and violence in its territory. The quilombolas have already had their homes burned down and even the water from the well that a community used was poisoned.

Maranhão is the land without law! In 27° Edition of the annual “Conflicts in Brazil 2011”, released by the CPT, the Maranhão appears as the leader of the ranking of land conflicts in the country, with 224 records. The State is also “national champion” by threat of death in the field. According to the report of the CPT, 116 people were threatened in 2011 in Maranhão. Seven murders in the field were registered in the State, only in 2011



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