Indians they bury baby in land resumption and promise to resist the farmers

8/15/2012 15:54


Indians they bury baby in land resumption and promise to resist the farmers


Éser Caceres

She was buried on the afternoon of Wednesday (15) the nine-month-old girl who died in the indigenous area, in Paranhos, Arroyo Corá the 477 km from Campo Grande. According to the baby’s mother, Beatrice Centurion, 20 years, the child became ill shortly after the confrontation on the last day 10 between armed men and a group of guarani-kaiowá.

About 200 Indians began last week on resumption of farms in the area that, according to the Funai (National Indian Foundation), since 2009 were considered indigenous lands. But the approval of possession has been suspended for an injunction in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) by the farmers who occupy the Earth.

According to reports of the indigenous, armed thugs attacked the group with shots of firearms. The news team was on site this morning, where there are several rubber shots cartridges and triggered marks shots in vegetation. Indigenous youth if occupied by collecting capsules that remained of the attack.

Funai confirms the version of Indians, and says that the police officers who were on site immediately after the attack gathered projectiles of various calibers capsules fired.

The farm’s owners deny that there has been some reaction on their part.

Cova in Project

In the rush caused by the shots, the baby’s mother would have unbalanced and the child, who was in her lap, although it has not come to fall on the ground, suffered injuries. The girl nine months spent the whole night crying and died at the end of the week.

The body was taken to necropsy in Ponta Porã and returned to the family today. But the relatives had no information about the cause of death yet.

The child’s uncle, Arnaldo Centurion, 25 years, preparing a place to bury the baby around where already erected a shack. “We will leave here close to take care,” explained while preparing the pit in the tekohá (space where we live, in guarani).

Arnaldo denied the initial information that the girl had been trampled during the escape, but blamed the attack for the death of the niece. “Shooting and scared everyone Arrived. My sister did not let it fall, but ran and she also “overbalanced, resume.

The grandmother, regretting blaring in guarani, questioned the report about the reasons for the small body of the neta be ‘ stitched ‘ of the neck to the waist. The family didn’t understand the ‘ seam ‘, in fact, autopsy scar.

The resumption

While take care of the baby, who consider the first victim of the attack, the Indians held a meeting to decide the next steps in the process they call resumption of tekohá Arroyo Corá.

According to witnesses, an Indian, identified as Eduardo Pires, approximately 50 years old, would be gone from the last day 10. Even so, the decision of the group is to resist.

Despite claiming that they are disarmed, they promised that will resist the alleged gunmen attacks.

“Here we are not going to get out more. We are acting because the Brazilian Government does not act. They say that already have approved and that the land is ours, but don’t deliver any records. Without a paper, we have received no support and we can’t survive, “said Dionysius Gonçalves, 35 years old, and one of the leaders.

Approximately 200 Indians who saw the story on site are organizing small groups of shacks where families settle. According to them, there is some security in the area and the fear of new attack is constant.

Some alternate in vigil to alert in case of suspicious approaches.

According to them, the farmers would have hired gunmen Paraguayans who walk heavily armed in order to intimidate and kill the Indians in the region.

The MPF (Federal prosecutors) reported that it has already asked for the establishment of police investigation to determine the occurrence of crime and preserve the location of facts for future expert exams.

photo Luiz Alberto

Baby body who died after attack~young guarani observe cartridges

In Rural Union of Paez, whose President is away to participate in the electoral contest, the information was that nobody speaks about the subject.



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