The succession of the Cacique RAONI: Mayalu Txucarramae presents the youth movement Mebengokre


The succession of the Cacique RAONI: Mayalu Txucarramae presents the youth movement Mebengokre

Mayalu Txucarramae, granddaughter of the Chief Raoni and founder of the youth movement Mebengokre

The Cacique Raoni is an internationally known figure, a universal symbol of the struggle for the preservation of tropical forests, especially the larger of them: the Amazon rainforest. If he fought all his life for peoples native, many wonder who will take his statement. He was long question whether his son Tedie, who accompanied him in Europe in 2000, but it died so tragic it already long ago. Today the younger generation of warriors kayapo Mebengogre emerges and product of the promising figures, mastering new technologies but fiercely defending ancestral traditions. We recently released a text of Patxon Metuktire and Mayalu Txucarramae, daughter of Megaron, granddaughter of Raoni was also part. She created the youth movement (Movimento Mebengokrê Nyre) Mebengokre it presents today.

The youth movement Mebengokre was one of my ideas, just after the revocation of my father Megaron Txucarramae (from his position at the FUNAI) and that my grandfather Cacique Raoni returned to the village so marked by the lack of respect of the FUNAI to us. In the city all turned bad, young people consumed more in addition to liquor; It found drunk teenagers every morning and when my father and my grandfather were in town this couldn’t.
I was about to just give up, sincerely, for the first time I was afraid for our future. It was then that I felt the need to do something to help and make proud my father and my grandfather. I thought and thought that the people of my grandfather, for whom he both struggled, could not finish as well. I spoke to my brothers and sisters Kena, Atamai, Bepkoti and my cousin Roiti the son of Bedjai. From there we did advance the idea, I asked permission and support from my grandfather and my father, they gave us a total support. It is then that we held the first meeting to choose the name of our group and what would be the purpose of it.

This movement consists of a majority of young people between 15 and 25 years of age, young people that as I did not know what their future would be made. We feel alone, this is what United us. It is as well as to arose the movement Mebengokre Nyre (SMP) whose members are of the Kayapo, the Juruna and the Tapayuna, but we claim to include all of the other ethnic groups in this region to strengthen and perpetuate the struggle of our parents and grand-parents.

The SMP has begun to act in January. In February we much helped communication of issues related to the territory of Kapot Nhinore. The initiative to occupy FUNAI to get rid of Sebastião Punure was, with the support of the women, who give us the strength to continue the fight.
Recently, we had the idea to take 40 warriors to support our grandfather to Rio + 20 and with the fame of the Raoni Institute and the support of its financial support, we arrived in there take the warriors with some of our members, Yakarewa Juruna, Patxon Metuktire, Roiti Metuktire, Kena Waura Txucarramae, Uitsuma Kopre w. Txucarramae, Ngruako Metutkire, and myself.
Today we have 25 active members and claiming with certainty add other members. This is were our first conquests, we had a lot of courage and boldness to realize these ideas. We were tired of everything and we did even not thought to the consequences, only to act and regain the strength and courage of my grandfather and my father, and we are satisfied with it and pretend no more we stop.

Such is the history of our movement Wakampu.

Mayalu Kokometi Waura Txucarramae.


-translated from the Portuguese by Cidalia Leclerc.

Article date: 18/08/2012


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