Government will receive indigenous to hear claims against the Ordinance of AGU on indigenous lands


Government will receive indigenous to hear claims against the Ordinance of AGU on indigenous lands

Gilberto Costa Brazil Brasilia-Agency reporter the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) will receive next week indigenous leaders who want the recalling of Ordinance No. 303. The standard is heavily criticized because, according to the Indians, allows the use of indigenous lands (TIs) for economic exploitation without consultation of the occupants. ” It’s a disaster, ” says Patricia Pitaguary, the articulation of indigenous peoples of Brazil (Apib), who participated in the demonstration at the entrance to the headquarters of the AGU in Brasilia. According to her, the gatehouse is ” unconstitutional ” to allow the installation of large works and the use of natural resources. ” It seems a contradiction or mess of a Government that recently edited an environmental plan to indigenous lands ”. Lindomar Terena, Cachoeirinha it (located in the region of Pantanal-Mato Grosso do Sul), points out that the Indians are seeking ” respect ” and consistency. ” Brazil is a signatory of international agreements. Is quoted throughout the world as the example, but here within, in practice, we’re seeing something else, ” says to cite the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples and the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), of which Brazil is a signatory. The two international agreements predict prior consultation to the Indians on the use of natural resources in their territories. The gatehouse of the AGU provides unique interpretation of exceptions and conditions for access to the legal offices of indigenous lands by the Federal public administration. The standard is based on established constraints for you Raposa Serra do Sol (RR) by the Supreme Court (STF). According to the indigenous people, the decision is restricted to the Raposa Serra do Sol, because the Ministers of the Supreme does not have greater range. For indigenous peoples, the AGU is precipitated. The decision of AGU is also criticized by the National Indian Foundation (Funai), which last month released note to come ” the public express their annoyance to Ordinance No. 303 ”. For Funai, ” the measure restricts the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples, especially the territorial rights enshrined by the Federal Constitution, to adopt as the Supreme Court decision not definitive parameter ”. In response, the Deputy Attorney-General, José Alves, Weber States that ‘ Holland ‘ to AGU at the right moment the position taken that was due. Unfortunately this Ordinance has caused some turmoil in the lives of indigenous people. They are claiming its revocation and the Government is studying whether it will be possible to make withdrawal or not ”. On 22 August, the Attorney-General’s Office should gather Luiz Inacio Adams with the Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, whom the Funai is contingent to discuss the norm. The implementation of Ordinance No. 303 is suspended until September 24. Editing: Fabio Massalli
Agency Brazil,,OI6069901-EI306,00-Governo+vai+receber+indigenas+para+ouvir+reivindicacoes+contra+portaria+da+AGU+sobre+terras+indigenas.html

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