8/15~Indians protested the Decree 303


8/15/2012 7:18 pm -updated 7:26 pm 8/15/2012

Indians close bridge on the BR-364 in RO against land demarcation

The demonstration paralyzed traffic in Ji-Paraná. Indigenous people want government back on demarcation of lands.

Valeria Reis  The G1 RO

Indígenas, armados com flechas, interromperam o tráfego na ponte (Foto: Valéria Reis/G1)
Indigenous, armed with arrows, halted traffic on the bridge (photo: Valeria Reis/G1)

Approximately 200 Indians of various ethnicities have closed the bridge over the River Axe in Ji-Paraná, RO, on the afternoon of Wednesday (15). Characterized to the combat and armed with arrows, they prevented the passage of vehicles throughout the protest. Only pedestrians have been able to travel freely. The Indians protested the Decree 303, which comes on the demarcation of their lands. The protest lasted about an hour.

“This Ordinance is not in favour of indigenous people. We want all the rights which the Constitution guarantees us. This ministerial order just to take our rights and we do not agree with this. While she stay, we’ll continue to rally, “says Joshua Gavião, indigenous leader.

The Indians are in Ji-Paraná since the evening of Tuesday (14). According to Clark Hawk, the Government proposed only postpone the validity of the Decree 303, which if approved grants the right to Federal Chamber demarcate indigenous areas. The Indians want the federal government back.

While the impasse continue, the Indians promise other peaceful demonstrations. According to Clark Hawk, the manifestations may happen at any time.

The manifestation of the natives caused huge queues and revolt in many drivers.

“They have every right to express the way they think best, but not to stop a city because of that,” said trader Flausino dos Santos.

Motorcyclists who tried to stick the blockade were prevented from aggressively by protesters. The leaders of the movement had to intervene to prevent rioting.

Alguns indígenas reagiram contra quem tentou passar pela manifestação (Foto: Valéria Reis/G1)
Some indigenous people reacted against anyone who tried to pass by the manifestation (photo: Valeria Reis/G1)

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