Diamond mines in Roosevelt, RO, are disabled

8/20/2012 6:55 pm -updated 6:55 pm 8/20/2012

Diamond mines in Roosevelt, RO, are disabled

Ibama, Funai and Federal Police participated in the Kimberlite Operation. Seventeen engines used by prospectors were destroyed.

The G1 RO

Três garimpos foram desativados durante a operação (Foto: Ibama/Divulgação)
Three miners were disabled during the operation (photo: Ibama/disclosure)

The Kimberlite Operation of the Brazilian Institute of renewable resources (Ibama) in conjunction with the Federal Police and the National Indian Foundation (Funai) resulted in the decommissioning of three illegal miners in the diamond Roosevelt, located in the South of Rondônia. The area of 2.6 million hectares belong to Indians wide-strap. In the operation were found and destroyed 17 engines used in the extraction of diamonds.

Mining in indigenous land is illegal, however, the extraction of diamonds in Roosevelt, considered the largest deposit in the world, is recurring.

In 2004, during the conflict with the Indians, 29 miners were killed.


SEE HISTORY ~ http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/29/world/americas/29diamonds.html?_r=1


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