Public Note: Belo Monte stopped: the North Energy lies and demands of damage reversal


Public Note: Belo Monte stopped: the North Energy lies and demands of damage reversal

Posted in August 20, 2012

Last week, the 5th class of the Federal Regional Court 1st region (TRF1) voted by the invalidity of Legislative Decree No. 788, 2005, which allowed the Belo Monte licensing and the beginning of construction of the plant even before the achievement of environmental impact assessment (EIA). The project was halted until the indigenous people are consulted by the National Congress – with veto power, and the whole process of discussion of the feasibility and authorization of the hydroelectric plant is restarted in accordance with the law.

The decision of the TRF partially rejected an appeal of the Federal Public Ministry and overturned one of the greatest violations of the Federal Constitution and the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO) made by the Brazilian Government in recent years, as clarified the Judge Antonio de Souza prudent, Rapporteur of the case.

Yet last week, in response to the decision of Justice – classified as “unacceptable” by the North Energy s.a-the company issued a statement in which challenges a litany of inconsistencies:

-Says that guides their actions by respect for the Constitution, which was evidently disproved by decision of TRF1.

-Claims to have followed all legal requirements of Belo Monte, while target is a fine of $ 7 million from Ibama and the various MPF actions by non-compliance with the conditions of previous licenses and installation work.

-Says that no indigenous land will be directly affected by hydroelectric power, while negotiating – and does not meet – measures to minimize impacts. Incoerentemente, on the same note in which says that the Indians will not be affected, States that “during meetings in villages, were given all the information about the project, including their impacts, mitigations and compensation established in indigenous component approved by Funai.”

-States that provided all the necessary clarifications to the indigenous, while their staff were retained in the village for a week exactly Muratu by lack of clarity about the mechanisms that allegedly would take to enable navigation of Xingu after the full bus.

-States that indigenous peoples, by free will, support Belo Monte, while throughout the deployment process works multiplied indigenous demonstrations against the hydroelectric power, which culminated in the occupation of weeks temporary dam dam, between the months of June and July.

-States that the stoppage of Belo Monte will leave more than 20 000 unemployed, while their own numbers account for 12 thousand employees, being 9 thousand direct jobs and 3 thousand indirect jobs.

-Finally, makes illegal retaliation threats by saying, as if you were speaking on behalf of the Government, that the public funding of sustainable Regional development plan of Xingu (PDRSX), which aims to meet the populations of 11 municipalities in the area of impact of the Belo Monte dam, will be suspended.

That said, and given the reality of stoppage of hydroelectric power, the Xingu Vivo Movement forever now demand the North publicly and Energy of the Government the following clarifications:

Since the decree that illegally authorised the works of Belo Monte was annulled, and along with it the advance licenses and installation, that term will be forwarded the following emergency measures revert major impacts on affected populations and the environment:

-destruction of three caissons (provisional dams) already built in Xingu and restoring the free flow of the river and its navigability.

-recovery of native forest of 238 hectares deforested for the construction of dam construction and other degraded areas by works, such as the streams of Paquiçamba.

-restitution of areas of small farmers compulsorily expropriated.

-recovery of crop plantations, especially of cacao, the areas expropriated.

-restitution of areas and reconstruction of Riverside houses expropriated and demolished, fled as the town of Santo Antonio.

-Compensation of rural communities, indigenous and Riverside fishing for economic damage, moral, environmental and cultural.

The Xingu Vivo Movement forever greets, congratulates and honour the decision of the 5th class of TRF1 and Judge Antonio de Souza prudent, to return to the country a bit of faith in justice and on the premise that the Constitution must be respected in absentia of economic and political interests.

Celebrated stoppage of Belo Monte as a reaffirmation of the justness of our struggle and of thousands of defenders of the environment and of human rights in Brazil and in the world. We will be mobilized to support and defend this historic decision of Justice, the Federal Constitution and international commitments undertaken by Brazil against all attacks that will suffer. But we believe that it is not enough to stop a crime; It is necessary to heal and cure all ills that caused it.

For the life of the Xingu, Justice now!

Xingu Vivo movement forever 



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