Kuarup~Diplomatic incident marks the meeting between Minister and Indians of the Xingu~

Diplomatic incident marks the meeting between Minister and Indians of the Xingu

Publication: 8/20/2012 07:49 Update:

Ana de Hollanda (à direita), durante o ritual sagrado para os índios, do qual ela se ausentou sem explicação  (Iano Andrade/CB/DA Press)  
Ana de Hollanda (right), during the ritual sacred to the Indians, which she departed without explanation
The Xingu National Park (MT)-The participation of the Minister of culture, Ana de Hollanda, the Quarup, funeral ritual sacred to the Indians of the Xingu National Park, occurred during the weekend, was marked by a diplomatic incident. At the end of Saturday afternoon, shortly before the traditional queue that meets the ethnicities for their divine corners, she was invited to sit on the House of men, in the Centre of the village of Yawalapiti ethnicity, where remained conversing with the cacique Aritana. However, once an aide knew of the intention of the natives to deliver a manifesto to the Government representative, the Minister has just removed the wheel and housed in the oca on which was hosted.

The Indians wanted to deliver to the Minister a letter of protest against the federal Government’s measures that, in the assessment of them, take the autonomy of ethnic groups in Brazil. The holder of the culture, however, simply gave the backs, with nothing to explain, to those who were present at the ceremony as one of the most sacred rituals to the peoples of the Xingu. The abrupt exit of Ana de Hollanda the Quarup left the Indians, in a first moment, without understanding what was going on. Later, it was visible irritation of the forest people. In the letter, the ethnic groups were protesting against the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, whose work has recently been choked by the Federal Regional Court 1st region.


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