The headquarters of Funai was taken by Indians of eight ethnic groups on Thursday


8/16/2012 03:05 pm -updated 03:05 pm 8/16/2012

After protest, Indians plan to close BR-364 in Vilhena, RO

The headquarters of Funai was taken by Indians of eight ethnic groups on Thursday. In addition to opposition to the Decree 303, the natives fear the extinction of Funai.

Flávio Gandhi  The G1 RO

Indígenas de oito etnias fizeram um protesto 'pacífico' em frente a sede da Funai (Foto: Flávio Godoi/G1)
Eight indigenous ethnic groups have made a protest ‘ Pacific ‘ in front of the headquarters of Funai (Photo: Flávio Gandhi/G1)

About 20 eight indigenous ethnicities de Vilhena, RO, and northern Mato Grosso, held on Thursday morning (16) a demonstration at the headquarters of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) in the County in favor of veto of Ordinance 303 that restricts the indigenous cultural activities such as hunting, fishing, and expansion of the territory. According to the cacique Paulo Manaind, Manaind tribe of Vega, the manifestation is peaceful. However, the cacique, who is the leadership of the movement, claims that excerpts from the BR-364 in Vega will be blocked on Friday (17).

In addition to the fall of 303, the Concierge fear extinction of Funai Indians through the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 215. To the cacique Manaind, with the end of Funai, the Indians of the country will be helpless. “Funai is the only organ that takes care of the people, if it is extinct we will not have more support,” he argues.
The extinction of the Funai is held as one of the actions that can finally to agrarian conflicts between Indians and farmers. According to the cacique, Funai is not responsible for the conflicts that occurred. “They create excuses to inhibit our culture and take our lands,” he says.


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