After threat of war against Indians, the Federal Police will investigate farmers of MS


8/21/2012 10:22

After threat of war against Indians, the Federal Police will investigate farmers of MS

Éser Caceres

The Federal Police introduced a further inquiry into the land conflict in Mato Grosso do Sul. This time, the threat of ‘ war against the Indians ‘ in the South region of the State will be the target of the investigation.

The climate is tense in Padilla, 477 kilometers of Campo Grande, after Indians guarani-kaiowá occupied farms in areas considered indigenous land by the Federal Government.

Farmers who have properties in the border strip of MS with Paraguay, where is most of the land in dispute, already set their minds on from to the armed confrontation with the Indians, who call the mobilizations of ‘ resume ‘ of the project, how to define, in the native language, the ‘ space where we live ‘.

“If the Government wants war, will have war. If they can invade, then we can also invade. We cannot be afraid of non-Indian. We go from to war, and it will be next week. These Indians there, some risk remains. What does left over, we’ll give the pigs to eat “, raises ‘ Black Scarf ‘, as it is known Luis Carlos da Silva Vieira.

He inherited and produces in an area a few kilometers from the first farm occupied. Says it is summoning the farmers of the region for the ‘ war ‘. Vieira has cattle in the area already ‘ taken up ‘ and says that the proximity with Paraguay facilitates obtaining arms, in addition to admit that hiring gunmen Paraguayans is an option.

The case is now being driven by a delegate of the Delinst (police station of Institutional Protection of the Federal Police) that already works with situations involving indigenous communities.

Arroyo Corá

On the last day 10 a group of approximately 200 Indians, including women and children, occupied the farm meadow, which is in the tekohá Arroyo Corá. There were shots of firearms and the guarani say that a man, approximately 50 years old, identified as Eduardo Pires, has been missing since then.

They also consider the death of a baby as a result of the attack. Although the report pointing out natural causes for the death of the girl, Beatriz Centurion, 20 years, says that when overbalanced fled the shots fired against the Indians and her daughter, only nine months old, just sore. The girl was buried in Arroyo Corá.

The Funai (National Indian Foundation) confirmed the confrontation. The servers were spot on with men body of national strength and the Federal Police. Empty capsules of various calibers were collected and an inquiry was established to investigate the episode at the request of the MPF (Federal prosecutors).

According to Federal Police, Funai was already officiated to assist in confirmation of identity of the man disappeared. In the first reports, the Indian came to be confused with a brother who was located in the village.

Recently in Aral Moreira is a town and municipality near, the indigenous leader Nysus Gomes also disappeared after an attack by gunmen against Indians in the Guayviry project. In the beginning, the version of the Indians was questioned and witnesses came to be indicted by the Federal Police, who then admitted the evidence of the death of indigenous.

Eighteen people ended up in jail, including the President of the Union of Aral Moreira, and indictments. Few farmers accept talk openly about the situation for fear of legal consequences. “The Federal Police ‘s top“, says a homeowner who talked with the team, but demanded not to be identified.

‘ For the pigs to eat ‘

Among many farmers cornered, who prefer not to publicly engage in conflict, ‘ black Scarf was keen to receive the report and reported, in an interview recorded last Thursday (16), as the “ruralists” are organizing.

The farmer says that there have been conversations with other producers in the region and confirms that the armed conflict is already considered an option. He says that the intention is to wait until the end of this week, and then act if no favorable news.

“The majority of farmers are with me. Weapon here is just want. I armo these farmers the border quickly, because Paraguay is right there, and war has no bandit “, warns.

Second Black Scarf, the uprising of farmers has increased with the way the resumption is happening. “If you were a good, advise us the people, or if the Government decided to soon, and said that we have to come out even, I think until we could take the cattle and accept. But so too are playing with us, “he says.

Washed in the blood

In Paranhos, farmers have that already exist larger farmers giving up fight for possession of the area. But claim that the feeling of revolt can encourage acts of revenge.

“Has a farmer known here in the region who spoke to everybody here: I can even exit, and deliver to the buggy, but once the dust settles, I wash this earth of blood,” reports one of the producers who spoke with the story.

‘ Black Scarf ‘ confirms that hiring gunmen Paraguayans is an option for rural producers to react. “I believe it will be there. The war will begin there. I, as the property there is not my … If it’s mine, had already extended Indian at ease here, “says pointing to the field at the shores of highway.

The Regional Superintendent of the Federal Police, MS ensures that, even with a good part of the servers on strike, is taking appropriate actions.

“The Federal Police are closely monitoring the situation of tension and to ascertain, impartially, all illegal acts committed both by Indians as by farmers. A team of federal police are following all drives and investigating what occurred in fact, “says in a statement.

With respect to the requirement of the Indians that farmers withdraw immediately the cattle found in the farms ‘ resumed ‘, the PF claims that later this week, will follow the withdrawal of animals belonging to the farmers of the region, “ensuring tranquillity at parties”.


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