Belo Monte will be “constant battle”, says President of the Northern Energy




Belo Monte will be “constant battle”, says President of the Northern Energy

Federal Regional Court 1st region determined stoppage of the works and the company faces more than a dozen lawsuits against the installation of the turbines
 ALTAMIRA-just two weeks after he assumed the Presidency of the Northern energy, Duílio Diniz de Figueiredo has already discovered that will not have life easy in command of the company, responsible for the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, at para. Last Monday, the Federal Regional Court (TRF) of the 1st region ordered the stoppage of the works in the region of Altamira, and the project still faces more than a dozen lawsuits against the installation of the turbines that generate 11.2 thousand megawatts (MW) when the dam is complete.
“It will be a constant battle, until the plant begins to operate,” acknowledged the Executive in an interview to the State Agency. Despite the concern expressed by Forbes in relation to the decision of the 5th class of TRF-1, he ensured that the Belo Monte dam is being built “completely within the law, compliance with all provisions of the Constitution”.
The Court claimed in the decision that the native communities of the greater area around the Xingu River have not been heard prior to the legislative decree that authorized the beginning of the procedure for the granting of the power plant, still in 2005. But, according to Forbes, there were 38 meetings with indigenous groups, in addition to 24 public hearings in four municipalities in the region. “More than eight thousand people attended these meetings and everything was heard, talked and explained”, claimed Figueiredo. The Executive stressed that Belo Monte is not located in the demarcated land. “The project area changed even in the project not to flood any community. The reservoir will not achieve 1 square inch of indigenous area “, strengthened.
So, generated even more malaise in North energy decision of TRF-1, which, for company executives, would have been more ideological than technical. Members of the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) await official notification of the decision of the judge Souza prudent to assess the best strategy to overthrow the determination. “Notification shall be made against Eletrobrás and Ibama, because when the action began there was still the company North energy. We have given all support the AGU to face this situation, “said the North’s Energy and environmental Director, Roberto Camilo da Cruz Oliveira. The Board of Directors of the company did not know what the size of the decision taken by the TRF-1. “One must understand the enforceability of the judgment. We will have to look for a few days, “said Oliveira. In the case of Teles Pires, another strategic project of the program of acceleration of Growth(PAC) that was the target of judicial decisions contrary to the work, it took four days for this analysis.
While the notification is not enough, North Energy executives are clearly worried about the effects that a sudden stop may have about the work and the almost 20 thousand people working in the enterprise. The nearest town to the mill, Altamira, would not be able to shelter this contingent of workers demobilized.
Due to the rainy season in the region where the plant will be installed, the engineers have until early December to take advantage of the “dry” and play a series of works. The suspension of the activities now would affect the excavations preparatory to the installation of one of the power houses of the project and other works of dredging and drainage that can affect the creation of cattle in the region and even result in fish kills that stretch of the Xingu River.
“The stoppage will shorten our timeline and you might not be able to perform this recovery effort within the hydrological window”, completed the North Director of engineering, Antônio Kelson Energy. According to him, works sanitation landfill of Altamira would also be suspended. Edward Rao and Renato Andrade, Agência Estado

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