Indigenous Amambai are serviced by the Office of the public defender

Indigenous Amambai are serviced by the Office of the public defender

8/22/2012 | Natalia Rafael Yahn

Indigenous care Amambai corresponds to 25% of the total demand of the Public Defender’s Office in the municipality, located 360 km from Campo Grande.
The public defender Marcelo Maher explains that since the beginning of the year the region is without Prosecutor of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), the legal representation of the indigenous is in charge only of the public defender.
“The operation was intensified. In recent months we have availability on specific days addressed to the local indigenous community, which now corresponds to 25% of the total assisted the Defensoria Pública de
Amambai “, said public defender.
In the municipality there are four villages with approximately 12 thousand ethnic Indians Guarani Kaiowá.
The demand for staff in all areas, but for the most part is in relation to the regularisation of documentation for the purpose of receiving social benefits offered by the Government.
The National Social Security Institute (INSS) does not accept the administrative document issued by Funai-the Rani (administrative registration of birth) – to give entry into retirement, processes benefits such as maternity leave and others, forcing the Indians to withdraw the civil documentation, i.e. birth certificate issued in registries and identity provided by the identification of industry State Secretariat for Justice and public safety (Sejusp).
“The most common problems among indigenous peoples are the regularization of documents, mainly death seats for presentation by the INSS, actions of guard, food and execution of food. Have also been identified some cases of irregular loans contained “, explained the public defender.
The Defensoria Pública de Amambai also meets the natives of Coronel Sapucaia, a municipality is part of the comarca, and still meets the demand of the comarca de Sete Quedas-which covers the municipality of Paez – currently no public defender crowded, where the service is carried out weekly by public defender Marcelo marine.
In Amambai the late registration can be withdrawn at the Civil Registry Office with the presentation of witnesses, among other requirements. Already in Coronel Sapucaia, where the registry of records is under judicial intervention, all processes with application for late registration, including the indigenous community of Taquapery Village, are held by the Public Defender’s Office, which assembles a process and the document is only issued via the courts.
Criminal area
The lack of legal aid by the Funai also overloads the public defender in the criminal area. “We also care to incarcerated indigenous,” said public defender of Amambai.
Data of the State Agency of administration of the penitentiary system of Mato Grosso do Sul (Agepen), pointed out that the indigenous Guarani Kaiowá 33, 32 men and one woman are prisoners in the Penal Establishment Amambai, 14 of them have already been judged and sentenced and still await sentence. 19
With information and pictures, Nael/the Gazette News (Amambai)

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