The situation is barbarism and a land without any law


The situation is barbarism and a land without any law, without humanity or justice.
Be the voice of those who can’t yell at the moment! Contact with Federal prosecutors over the phone: (61) 3105-5100 or email: to request immediate assistance!
US citizen and can (should!) require that fundamental rights are guaranteed!
Read the text! Share! Requires! Let those who have no voice, do I have the right to life!
Informative/letter from the community of Guarani-Kaiowá tekoha Arroio-Kora Paez-MS.
Us communities of Tekoha Arroio Kora, saw through this, inform that on August 23, 2012, we received a new death threat occurred a tent destroyed and a new attack by the gunmen of the farm farm known Port Sunday and the current owner is Mr. Luiz Bezerra. A coordinator/articulator of this gunmen Porto farm Sunday is known as Francisco Paraguay. On 8/23/2012, this same Francisco Paraguay came along with the gunmen destroyed a tent and threatened to screaming, “get knowing that you Indians will die all, will die!”I warn you that will be attacked and all will be dead. ” They are all armed, came by car through a floor of the farm background Luiz Bezerra.
In addition, on the other hand, already in the area, the old Arroyo Kora retaken 04 men non-Indians of two motorcycles without plate, came looking for the top leaders of tekoha Arroio Kora, asked and seek by Dayib Gonçalves among others. They wanted to talk with urgency with the leaders of Arroyo Kora and Council of Aty Guasu, asked, where are these indigenous leaders. Said: “here? warn them (the leaders) that we want to talk with them. ” So, did the threat and warned us and returned to the town of Paez. In the face of new communication and death threat of gunmen, once again, return to pass on the warnings of the gunmen, to be investigated as a matter of urgency, especially Francisco farm Paraguay Luiz Bezerra and others. We want this back road farm Sunday where arrive and attack the gunmen be blocked immediately. The gunmen are not coming by public road (asfalta), they create and use multiple clandestine roads by the border track to trick the Brazilian police. So, continue acting and in attacking us, so very quiet and powerful. They try to cheat and escape the police team of Brazil. It is important to emphasize that while Brazil police investigate and observe the gunmen, it seems that the gunmen also do same thing, observe and watch the team of police. Therefore, when the police leaves the region, and the gunmen arrive and attack us.
Therefore, the facts occurring in 8/24/2012 day, through this informative/letter, report and we have forwarded to the knowledge of all.
Sincerely, Tekoha Arroio Kora, August 24, 2012 Guarani-Kaiowá leaders and communities of Arroio Kora.



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