O Kuarup transcende a homenagem aos mortos e funde, em torno de um ritual, toda a beleza indígena em cores, cantos, lutas e danças
The Kuarup transcends the tribute to the dead and blows, around a ritual,
the entire Indian beauty in colors, corners, fights and dances

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Kuarup prevails as one of the most symbolic rituals of indigenous tradition

Mariana Moreira

Iano Andrade

Publication: 8/26/2012 08:00 Update: 8/25/2012 22:20

Another time, another rhythm. So the first impression when you reach the village of yawalapiti, bathed by rivers Indians Tuatuari and Kulueni. Far 800 km of Brasilia, the Xingu National Park, in the northeast of Mato Grosso, preserves traditions and cultures 16 ethnic groups, ancient peoples. The Rapture of the foreigner is immediate: even suffering with the advancement of soy farms in its surroundings and the silting of rivers, nature imposes itself, in all its splendor. To greet her, the inhabitants of the place is adorn and celebrate life and death, as in the Kuarup. Haughtiness, pride and fight for the preservation of their traditions are in every look, every gesture of those Nations.

video link~ http://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/diversao-e-arte/2012/08/26/interna_diversao_arte,319038/kuarup-prevalece-como-um-dos-rituais-mais-simbolicos-da-tradicao-indigena.shtml

Child Indian village will be the first Xingu Attorney

Mariana Moreira

Iano Andrade

Publication: 8/26/2012 08:09 Update: 8/24/2012 23:37

The oca Yawalapiti Sapain family walks full of books. Legal codes, in fact. The son of the village is about to become the first advocate of Xingu. Next year, concludes the law school at the Federal University of Mato Grosso. His older sister graduated in nursing and today works in São Paulo. In 2011, he faced his first professional experience in the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office Instituto Nacional de Seguridade Social, INSS, dealing with labour and social security law.
“It is not easy to get out of here to study. Education is very precarious, lack support. I struggled a lot, if not football player, wanted to follow the legal career, “reports. Your commitment results in pride and admiration from the community. “Here has enough people wanting to study, are inspiring me,” said, adding that there are those who want to study business administration and medicine, to strengthen the medical care in the region.


source~ http://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/especiais/kuarup/especialkuarup/


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