Strikers reject government proposal


Sunday, August 26, 2012


Strikers reject government proposal


Federal servers yesterday refused the Government’s proposal Dilma Rousseff of 15.8% salary adjustment, sliced into three installments, from 2013 to 2015. The impasse continues and representatives of some categories have left the meeting at the Ministry of planning prepared to radicalize the strike.
“If the Government insists on this uncompromising stance, we will to strike indefinitely”, threatened Allan Tan Nunes, the national forum of the Federal Public Advocacy. Professionals in Advocacy of the Union-which they never did strike, but are promoting protest demonstrations-receive salaries between $ 14.5 billion at the beginning of his career, and $ 19.5 billion, on top. They want to be assimilated to the judiciary and the public prosecutor, with salaries reaching $ 26 thousand.

The story is of Lexter Mendes and published by the newspaper O Estado de s. Paulo, 8/26/2012.
The Union of State Careers (UCE), which brings together 22 trade unions and more than 50 thousand servers in strategic areas, was one of the entities who rejected yesterday the Government’s proposal to end the protest actions. The movement affect the activities of the Federal Police, revenue and control and supervision bodies.
“The Federal Police is scrapped. Cut 70% of cost resources and even routine activities of research are harmed. Lack money even for vests and ammunition “, complained the delegate Amaury Portugal, President of the Union of the delegates of PF in São Paulo. Despite rejecting the agreement, it is contrary to the accession of delegates to strike.
To circumvent the impasse, the managers of the State, which also integrates the UCE, presented to the Government a counterproposal: 25% readjustment in three installments, being 6% in 2013, 8% in 10% in 2014 and 2015. The Secretary of labor relations, Sergio Marini, considered “very difficult” to accept the proposal.

The Coordinator of UCE, Pedro de la Rue, sees little chance of resolving the impasse because, in his opinion, the Government negotiating to give a radicalized ultimatum to strikers. “It is impossible to speak before such intransigence. The Government imposed a limit that does not reset the past inflation and makes room for new lags in the future, “criticized.
Yesterday morning, members of the Government met with the National Association of Agricultural Technical Federal surveillance, which also rejected the proposal.
The Government initiated yesterday a joint two days of negotiations with more cores radical public sector strikers in a last attempt to reach an agreement. The President Dilma Rousseff has warned, however, that will not yield anything other than index offered 15.8%, sliced into three installments. In addition, the Government gave an ultimatum to functionalism: had cut the point of the strikers and punish with accuracy, including resignation, who commit abuses against the population and the country’s economy.
Marin said that the categories who reject the proposal will be without readjustment in 2013. The Government sends the Budget Bill to Congress on 31. “The offer is good and is at the limit. There is no possibility of expansion, “said Secretary of labor relations.
So far, the Government only closed according to teachers, technicians and administrative servers federal institutions. They represent 40% of the universe of 1.1 million servers.

While unions and Government pursue its arm wrestling, the population suffers from the effects caused by strikes and standard operations. The national health surveillance agency (Anvisa), for example, reduced the rate of drug release at ports and airports affecting patients who rely on imported medicines.
The National Health Foundation (Funasa) paralyzed part of blood collection, testing and treatment of dengue fever in the tribes-who now runs on behalf of servants of the State and the municipalities of the Amazon. With 70% of the employees stopped, Funai left to meet, on a permanent service, indigenous communities. “We send at least ten Ranis (document that registers births and deaths of Indians) per day,” says the Bishop Victor Santana


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