AGU may suspend Ordinance questioned by indigenous, admits Minister

8/31/12 20:48 Updated 8/31/12 20:48

AGU may suspend Ordinance  questioned by indigenous, admits Minister

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The Attorney-General, Minister Luís Inácio Adams admitted on  Friday that the body can suspend the Decree 303, which deals with the  exploitation of natural resources on indigenous lands. The instrument has been questioned by indigenous groups, who came to  protest at the headquarters of the law firm-Geral da União (AGU) this  week.

“If the Indian community have an interest in making the dialogue, I  see no problem in postponing the time required for that dialogue to happen,”  said after attending the inauguration of the new President of the Superior Court  of Justice (STJ), Minister Felix Fischer.

Edited on July 16, the Ordinance had the beginning of his  term extended to 24 September. The reason for  the suspension was the series of protests triggered by the country, including  with public manifestation of the National Indian Foundation (Funai).

Adams stated that the purpose of the device is to  establish “a minimum adjustment process” and that the conditions of the  Ordinance “are not disproportionate and unconstitutional as it claims”.

Also present at the event of the STJ, Minister of  Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, said he had a meeting with indigenous leaders on  Friday and that was started “a process of understanding”. For him, Government and communities are “moving towards a solution” in  a “short term” time.

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