Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

PM O’Neill’s attempt to discredit those organisations questioning experimental seabed mining (ESM) at the Pacific Islands Forum in the Cook Islands last week was more than sad. It was quite revealing of what Nautilus and those on their payroll are trying to pitch.

O’Neill said “we respect the arguments being presented” and he welcomed an open and transparent discussion, but discussion should – are you ready? – “not be lead by emotion”. Now its important for us to look at this statement and see what it really means and how it has been used in the past.

Of course this line was put in O’Neill’s speech by Nautilus and their “supporters” at the regional level. It is an attempt (and a poor one) to make them look as if they are cool, calm, reasonable and have the cold, calculated figures to prove their case. Firstly as we all know they make…

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