Government of Bahia is fined for repression in feast of 500 years



Government of Bahia is fined for repression in feast of 500 years



The violent repression of the demonstration of indigenous and other militant groups during the feast of 500 years of the discovery of Brazil could cost $ 10 million to the coffers of the Government of Bahia.

The Federal Court dismissed lawsuit filed in 2006 by the Attorney and ordered the State to pay compensation for moral damage, for having prevented “the constitutional right of Assembly and freedom of expression of Indians, blacks and ordinary citizens”.

In April 22, 2000, Indians and landless, among other groups, were prevented by the military police of Bahia approaching Porto Seguro (BAHIA), where then-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB) topped the festivities of 500 years.

In the lawsuit, 141 militants were arrested and at least 15 Indians were injured. For the prosecution, the operation was “disproportionate”.

  Lula Mahmoud-22.abr. 2000/Folhapress
Índio deita-se diante de policiais, em estrada na Bahia, para tentar deter a repressão a manifestantes em 2000
Indian lies in front of cops, on the road in Bahia, to try to halt the repression of demonstrators in 2000

About 3,000 demonstrators followed Red Crown (20 miles from Porto Seguro) to the city centre, with banners and flags, to question the significance of the date. According to the prosecution, they were unarmed.

Before arriving at the venue were surprised by police officers who prevented their passage through use of tear gas and rubber bullets.

The State claimed that the action was intended to protect the authorities Bahia am present.

Is there a possibility of appeal.


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