Yanomami~2 villages not contacted during investigation

9/2/2012 11:30 -updated 9/2/2012 11:55

Venezuela has not found evidence of massacres of Indians, says Minister

ONG said that 80 Brazilian Yanomami were killed by prospectors. The Government found no signs of death of indigenous people.

France Presse

The Venezuelan Government has not found evidence of an alleged massacre in July of Yanomami Indians in the South of the country by Brazilian gold miners, as denounced on Monday (27) an NGO informed the Minister for indigenous peoples, Nicia Maldonado.

“The balance sheet of the visits that we do is that we did not find evidence of any indigenous Yanomami death,” said Maldonado on Saturday night (1st), according to the official agency AVN.

Authorities also “found no evidence of houses or shabonos ‘ [log cabins] burned in communities” given the backdrop of the alleged crime, he added.

On Friday (31), the Venezuelan Minister of the Interior, Mr. Tareck el-Aissami, announced that employees of the public prosecutor, of the scientific police and army visited “the nine communities ya̧nomamö” settled in the municipality of Alto Orinoco, Amazonas State, on the border with Brazil, where occurred the killing.

According to the seven communities consulted Aissami on Thursday (30) did not inform authorities about “no violence”, while two others farther south and most isolated, had not yet been contacted.

The Brazil announced on Saturday that he was willing to help in the investigation.

The “Horonami Organization Yanomami” (HOY), supporter of Venezuelan indigenous communities, said on Monday that on 5 July a group of prospectors had carried out an attack with firearms and explosives from a helicopter against the Irothateri community, where about 80 people lived, according to the Executive Secretary of the NGO, Luis Ahiwei.

The bodies were found by three survivors and “were not identified” because they were charred, according to the activist.

The indigenous rights organization Survival, based in London, confirmed on Wednesday in a statement the testimonials from “bodies and bones burned”, but noted that the initial reports about 80 dead were “impossible to verify”.



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