Indigenous Guarani Kaiowá resume new area in Mato Grosso do Sul



Indigenous Guarani Kaiowá resume new area in Mato Grosso do Sul

Uploaded by: Administrator on 9/3/2012. News source: Media Advisory-Cimi


By Renato Santana,

de Brasília


About 500 indigenous Guarani Kaiowá and Nhandeva resumed on the morning of Monday, 3, part of the tekohá 4,025 hectares (sacred territory) Potrero Guasu, 10 Km from the municipality of Paranhos, Mato Grosso do Sul. 

The area is declared as indigenous since April 13, 2000 and haven’t had the administrative process of demarcation completed. Since they were expelled from Potrero, about 40 years, the indigenous people lived in the village Pirajuí-also in Paranhos. 

The Indians resumed only one of farms installed within the indigenous land. So far, no news of violence committed by gunmen and Jesús Carvajal against community – composed by 709 all Guarani Kaiowá and Nhandeva.

Next to the tekohá Arroio Korá, Earth also resumed in the last month, Potrero Guasu has the demarcation questioned by settlers and farmers in Justice, but with decision in favour of occupation by the Republic Regional procuration of 3rd region, in São Paulo. “Part of the area including is unproductive and the area is traditional occupation. I was born in it until my family was expelled “, explains professor Davi Benites Guarani Kaiowá.

The indigenous left Potrero Guasu with his family when he was only one year old. Today, with 43, says happy with the return of his people to the territory: “the settlers forced the people to leave. It was a lot of violence, you know. We always had determined to come back, “said Davi. 

“We are waiting for a long time now by the federal Government. We couldn’t wait. They are 14, 15, 20 years. And even more. Guarani Kaiowá is so, dies by the Earth “, closed.


Arroio Korá

On the resumption of the tekohá Arroio Korá, a ação de jagunços segue. “Gunmen continue shooting here against us. National strength comes from, but they don’t get scared. Now we also don’t, we fear and if you have to die here, as I’ve said, we’re going to die, “says Dionísio Guarani Kaiowá.

On the last day August 28, gunmen attacked the area shooting against the occupants. There were no injuries, but the violence imposed by Jesús Carvajal has not respected at least federal agencies.

During the attack of shooters, the indigenous community was reunited with the anthropologist of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) State, Marcos Homero. With him were representatives of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and agents of national strength. In Arroyo Korá live about 400 Guarani Kaiowá.


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