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South African police of protest by miners represses new better working conditions

Demonstrations in mines are considered illegal by the country’s justice since June this year

Miners ‘ Group protests strikers in a mine of Springs, the nearby city of Johannesburg (03/09)Efe
The South African police returned to suppress a protest by workers on Monday (03/09) in the mine of Springs, injuring at least 4 demonstrators with rubber bullet shots and shards of tear gas.
According to the information provided by the Gold One, the company responsible for on-site extraction, a group of former officials, dismissed on account of a strike in June this year, gathered at the entrance of the mine in order to prevent at least 500 people work.

To disperse the protesters and unblock access to workers, the police fired rubber bullets and tear gas. After the episode, the production at the mine was reestablished and all miners returned to carry out their work. There is no information if workers joined the protest of this second (03/09), but the company reiterated that has authorization to dismiss strikers.
Aurora workers are involved in a long struggle for better working conditions and salary increase. Last week, the South African political leader Julius Malema has asked the local miners were mine “ungovernable” until their demands were met.

The Group of protesters gathered in front of the entrance of the mine company Gold One (03/09)Efe
In June this year, after a series of demonstrations, the Gold One has a judicial ban forbidding any kind of protest in their mines. As a result, dozens of workers were dismissed, but many continue to manifest themselves against company policy.
Marikana Massacre

The crackdown comes just two weeks after police open fire on 3 thousand miners on strike in Marikana, killing 34 and injuring 78 workers in one of the worst episodes of violence since the end of apartheid. The episode generated national and international uproar, with dozens of protests against police violence.
On Thursday (30/08), the promoters of the country accused the strikers for the murder of his colleagues, instead of police forces. “This is pure intimidation,” said Patrick Cravez, spokesman for South African Trade Union Federation.
“The lawyers have to be pretty stupid if they think these complaints can be accepted. The notion that these miners are responsible for the deaths of his companions is absurd, “he added, according to the American newspaper Cravez New York Times
After the protests, the Prosecutor of South Africa withdrew on Sunday (02/09), provisional character in murder charges against 270 miners who were arrested during the massacre. In this second (03/09), 162 of 270 miners arrested after the massacre at the Marikana mine were released.


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