9/4/2012 5:18 pm -updated 5:18 pm 9/4/2012

Indians of Belo Monte are heard for more than 40 years, says Lobão

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The Minister of mines and energy (MME), Edison Lobão, criticized the outages and legal questions tied to construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. The plant, which came to have their works stalled by a decision of the Federal Regional Court 1st region (TRF)? argument shot down by the Supreme Court last week?, has been the subject of constant complaints about disrespect for indigenous peoples.

For the Minister Edison Lobão, there is an excessive collection about the subject. ‘ However, the Indians were heard in four public hearings by the Consortium. And they have been consulted for over 40 years. There were more than 60 such meetings during this period. From the point of view of Government, all requirements have been met, even with exaggeration ‘, said Boden to the value.

The Minister recalled that the Federal Constitution allows if do hydroelectric dams and other interventions in indigenous lands. But the article 231, which provides this access, you still need to act to be properly regulated. ‘ It is said in the Constitution that the rivers, the subsoil and the territorial milestone belong to the Union. Therefore, the interests of the Union have to be protected in any area of the country ‘, commented Lobão.

Between today and tomorrow, representatives of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Ibama and the Consortium Northern energy, responsible for the Belo Monte dam, will be meeting with indigenous leaders in Altamira (PA), to clarify doubts about the transposition of the Xingu River, on account of the progress of works.

‘ In Belo Monte, has no Indian being affected, although this atuarda mad, as if we were hurting the Indians ‘, said Boden.

According to the Minister, the regulation of article 231 of the Constitution remains under review by the Palácio do Planalto, despite the controversial Ordinance of advocacy-Geral da União (AGU), currently suspended, you want to set rules on the exploitation of resources on indigenous lands.

‘ We have a concern in Government to do things as well done as possible. So some legal measures delayed a little. But let’s move forward in this matter. Every day you see a rule that can be improved ‘, commented the Minister.

(André Borges | Valor)


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