Indigenous leaders make protest in Ji-Paraná, RO, against Decree 303


9/4/2012 2:20 pm -updated 2:21 pm 9/4/2012

Indigenous leaders make protest in Ji-Paraná, RO, against Decree 303

Featured and with arrows, about 200 Indians followed to Funai. To the leaders, the Ordinance is not favourable to the indigenous people.

The G1 RO

Índios protestam em Ji-Paraná contra portaria 303 (Foto: Valéria Reis/G1)
Indians protest in Ji-Paraná against Decree 303 (photo: Valeria Reis/G1)

About 200 leaders of indigenous peoples met on Tuesday (4), in front of the Federal civil servants ‘ Union (Sindsef) in the State of Rondônia, in Ji-Paraná, RO. Indians protest against the Decree 303, that comes to about the demarcation of indigenous lands. Featured and with arrows, the Indians went to the headquarters of the National Indian Foundation (Funai).

To the leaders, the 303 is not favourable to the Concierge indigenous people. “We want the immediate repeal of Decree 303. Next week will bring 500 leaders to do another demonstration. While there is a Concierge, let’s say, “says Hector Gavião, indigenous leader.

The Indians call for annulment of the Ordinance. According to Funai, if approved, the measure grants the demarcation to Federal Law Chamber. The measure is suspended until the end of September.


In addition people macaws, Hawk and zoró, representatives of the public prosecutor of Rondônia and Funai also participate in the protest. In Rondônia there are at least 12 thousand Indians and, in accordance with indigenous leaders, the change in demarcations of land may favor the invasions in the territories.


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