People Ka’apor do Maranhão discusses protecting its territory and asks for repeal of Decree 303/2012 of AGU


Sep[ 5 2012

People Ka’apor affix do Maranhão discusses protecting its territory and asks for repeal of Decree 303/2012 of AGU

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After surveillance actions undertaken within its territory in these last days on the occasion of the invasion of loggers, ranchers, hunters; and neglect of public agencies responsible for ensuring the protection of indigenous territories, young leaders Ka’apor Gurupi region decided to promote yourself defending your territory to remain living in the forest of responsible and sustainable way. So that your children and grandchildren will be able to continue living and being Ka’apor (people of the forest), as stated by one of the young leaders after return from a mission in the forest. Last week (29, 30, and 8/31/2012), gathered in assembleía during three days in a village in the region of Rio Gurupi, decided to continue planning the actions of surveillance, protection and management of their territory.

On occasion, took the opportunity to study, discuss, debate and prepare to face the attacks not only of timber invaders, farmers, hunters, but the laws of Kamará (white) that threaten the permanence and their lives and other indigenous peoples in their territories.

After evaluating and discuss issues facing the Government actions, policies (education, health, assistance), dedicated the second day to inform about these laws that only has denied and decreased the indigenous rights in Brazil. Started remembering of the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 215/00 transferring the responsibilities of organs of Government and threatens the tenure of indigenous lands; the forest code that announces the death of animals, forests, rivers, people who live in harmony with the environment; the Bill (PL) 1610/1996 on Mineral Exploration in indigenous lands, are concerned with the garimpo open and functioning, within the limit of the indigenous land, municipality of new center of Maranhão that are in full operation, with the permission (or mining licence) of SEMA Maranhão, current mayor who tries to win re-election.

They saw that the Decree Law No. 7056/2009 of restructuring of FUNAI just helped destroy the body, bringing more problems for indigenous peoples with the absence of the State of its responsibilities. And at the end of the second day to night after reading, questions, reflections on the 303/Concierge of the 2012 General Counsel of the Union (AGU), stated that this law is “a delay to the lives of indigenous peoples”, “disrespects the rights already guaranteed that are not respected”, “threat to life in the forest”, “back to our land more invasion, violence and death of indigenous people”, shows that “the Kamará (white) do not understand and do not have wisdom because they make the laws after they themselves say that is wrong”, “these documents and laws want to end up with indigenous peoples in Brazil”. With this, ask for the cancellation, cancellation of the Decree 303/2012 so that they can continue living with dignity in their territories.


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