Demonstrators protest against Belo Monte during ‘ cry of the excluded ‘


9/7/2012 11:36 -updated 9/7/2012 11:48

Demonstrators protest against Belo Monte during ‘ cry of the excluded ‘

Dozens of people carried posters against the construction of the power plant. Scenic Act held in Avenida Nazaré protest marked.


The G1 PA

Grito dos excluídos protestou pelas ruas de Belém (Foto: Ingo Muller/ G1)During the March, actors represented the Indians in collars, symbolizing the peoples of the Xingu (photo: Ingo Muller/G1)

Dozens of demonstrators participated in the “cry of the excluded” in Bethlehem on Friday, September 7. The date that celebrates 190 years of independence of Brazil was marked by protests against the construction of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte, rio Xingu, in the West of the State. Teachers, students, trade unions and environmentalists marched through avenida Nazaré to the Republic square, where the military parade.

O ator Washington Luís criticou a construção de Belo Monte (Foto: Ingo Muller/G1)Actor Washington Luís criticized the construction of Belo Monte (Photo: Ingo Muller/G1)

During the March, the grupo de teatro Popular University Institute did a scenario representing the exploitation of peoples of the Xingu. “We live in a false democracy. Come bring the strength of the people, to be the voice of them. We represent people enslaved by money. The plant’s construction is not required, “said the actor Washington Luís.

Teachers decry Government’s inflexibility Teachers, on strike for Federal 115 days, participated in the “cry of the excluded” charging the reopening of dialogue with the Government. They criticized the cutting of staff, and say they seek to sensitize representatives of the legislature for the need of investments in education. “There is a total disengagement of the Federal Government in education, since they even open negotiation with teachers”, criticized Benedito Ferreira, of the Association of Teachers of the Federal University of Pará.

Manifestation occurs simultaneously in other Member States The “cry of the excluded” is organized by the Social Pastoral Commission of the Brazilian Bishops pastor of Land (CPT), and social movements, such as the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), movement of threatened by dams (MAB), by the national forum for land reform and by the Popular Assembly.

The event is held simultaneously across the country, with the motto “a State the nation’s Service, which guarantees the rights of all people”. In addition to the protest against the plant’s construction, the protesters also shouted slogans themselves against corruption, privatization and the lack of social awareness.Passeata seguiu da avenida Nazaré até a Praça da República (Foto: Ingo Muller/G1)The March followed the avenida Nazaré to Praça da República (photo: Ingo Muller/G1)


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