Indians and quilombolas articulate to protect their territories in the Amazon

Indians and quilombolas articulate to protect their territories in the Amazon

With the goal to promote a linkage between Indians and quilombolas communities of Oriximiná, Pará in Northern Rail, the Comissão Pró-Índio of São Paulo, the Quilombo Cooperative and the Indigenous Training and Research Institute-Iepé promote the 1º Encontro Indians and Quilombolas communities of Oriximiná. The event takes place in the Quilombo Abuí, tomorrow until day 13.

The meeting will be attended by about 200 participants: representatives of indigenous peoples Zo ‘ é, W, Tunayana, Kahyana, Kaxuyana and Maroon of 35 communities located in that municipality. The State Prosecutor Luiz Antônio Martinez Amorim Silva will represent the Federal Prosecutor in the event.

Second Sundays Printes, Quilombo leadership Abuí and Vice President of the cooperative of Quilombo, the community is looking forward to the meeting and to strengthen relations with the Indians. “It will be a pleasure to receive all here on our Quilombo. We have a relationship with some indigenous communities nearby, but some people do not know. But we all have in common the way of dealing with the Earth, “said Sunday.

The objective of the event, according to Lúcia Andrade, Executive Coordinator of the Comissão Pró-Índio of São Paulo, is that this alliance between Indians and quilombolas contribute so that they have greater power to participate in and influence decisions relating to the development of the pipeline North of Pará.

Currently, in this region, the decisions on forest concessions, mineral exploration, creation of conservation units, and hydroelectric projects are being taken without knowledge and without the participation of indigenous peoples and Maroons, disregarding the right to free, prior and informed consultation, scheduled for the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization and ratified by Brazil.

According to Decius Yokota, Deputy Executive Coordinator of Iepé, indigenous and Quilombola share many problems in this region. “The hydroelectric projects provided for by the national energy plan (PNE), which proposes the use of water potential of localities such as Cachoeira Porteira, reviving a project of the period of the military regime, also represent a threat”, details Decius.

The meeting is a way to promote actions articulated between Indians and quilombolas in defense of their rights. “This meeting will be very important. Our living with the Earth is very similar to that of the Indians. We consider all relatives by common way we deal with Earth, our forests. Let’s talk to unite and fight for our rights, “said Francisco Hugo de Souza, Quilombo leadership and President of Cooperative Jauari Quilombo.

The meeting has the support of the Quilombola community Abuí, Quilombola Mother Domenica Association, the Association of quilombo Communities of the municipality of Oriximiná (ARQMO) and ethno-Environmental Protection front Cuminapanema of Funai. Financial support for the realization of the meeting is from Christian Aid, ICCO, Embassy of Norway and Rainforest Foundation Norway.
Service: 1 Against Indians and Quilombolas communities of Oriximiná Location: Quilombo Abuí, Oriximiná, Pará Date: 11 on September 13, 2012.

More information with the Communications Department of the event:

Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 3299-3299-0148/0177


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