Justice determines that MS Government compensate by Indians in highway


9/10/2012 04:08 pm -updated 04:08 pm 9/10/2012

Justice determines that MS Government compensate by Indians in highway

Judge established daily fine of R $ 1 billion if the decision is not fulfilled. The measure has met the request of the MPF and the Government says it will appeal.

Fernando da MataThe G1 MS

Rodovia MS-156 entre Dourados e Itaporã (Foto: Divulgação/MPF-MS)MS-156 Highway connects the cities of Gold and Itaporã (Photo: disclosure/MPF-MS)

The Federal Court ruled that the Government of Mato Grosso do Sul compensate Indians from villages in Dourados, 225 miles from Campo Grande, on behalf of the doubling of MS-156. The decision of the presiding judge of the 2nd Federal Court of the municipality, José Mário Bacon Pedrazzoli, meet the request of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and was released on Monday (10). The State Government said it will appeal.

The road connects the cities of Gold and Gold stocks cutting Itaporã and Panambizinho. When the track was doubled, it was agreed that the State would make works of compensation for indigenous to the region. Among them, reordering of traffic in the villages, adequate lighting, monthly maintenance, internal road system in education projects, transit police station and installation of monitoring cameras and signage and informational signage, Terena in Guarani Kaiowá, and Portuguese.

In the decision of 30 August, the magistrate establishes deadline of 90 days for the completion of the measure and daily fine of R $ 1 billion if the determination is not obeyed. According to the judge, the Government has not fulfilled the compensatory measures that seek to meet the vital needs of the community and did not provide justification for such.


“Any allegations of unavailability of resources, lack of staff and other justifications which may be included in ‘ possible ‘ booking, must be rejected, since the commitment was made more than two years ago, not being tolerable omission in this case,” said Pamnani.

The State’s Attorney General, Rafael Coldibelli Francisco said the G1 that the Government will appeal, but is still preparing the defence. According to him, much of which has been agreed for compensation has already been done, as the improvement of the internal roads of villages.

According to the MPF, the doubling of the MS-156 brought about the increase in the flow of vehicles. In addition, excerpts from the indigenous area for expansion of the road were abolished, which would have caused irreversible damage to the communities.

According to prosecutors, complementary study done by Institute for environment of Mato Grosso do Sul (Imasul) concluded that the work provided increased risk of accidents and flooding, greater approximation of Indians with the city and greater access to non-Indians to the interior of the indigenous land.



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