MPF will investigate crimes against indigenous peoples committed by the dictatorship

Human Rights| 9/10/2012 | Copyleft

MPF will investigate crimes against indigenous peoples committed by the dictatorship

By unanimous decision, the 6th Board of Coordination and review of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) will investigate the crimes committed against indigenous peoples by the military dictatorship. Are in the crosshairs of tax violations to body suruís, obliged to help the military fight the guerrillas of the Araguaia River, and to the emergence of personality, decimated for the construction of great works that supported the project development of the scheme.

Najla Steps

Brasilia -the 6th Board of Coordination and review of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) will investigate allegations of crimes committed against indigenous peoples by the military dictatorship (1964-1986). The unanimous decision was taken at a meeting of the Board held in 7/8, and published in the Official Gazette (DOU) on 5/9. The base was the interview “there was systematic extermination of indigenous villages in the dictatorship”, granted to the Card by Indian José Humberto Costa do Nascimento, the Potiguara, Tiuré in 2/8.
In accordance with the advice of the 6th House, are already ongoing preliminary investigations which, if proven, will provide inputs for the opening of a civil investigation. On Thursday (6), the governing body came in contact with Tiuré, who lives in a small village on the coast of Paraíba potiguara, to combine the best way to take his testimony. “Even though the MPF became interested in investigating the matter, because so far I have had no return of the National Commission of truth, where I prontifiquei to testify,” he said.
Tiuré joined the Potiguara functional frames National Indian Foundation (Funai) in 1970, with the dream of becoming a capable Indian to influence positively in the improvement of the living conditions of the Brazilian Indians. However, upon learning of the extermination policy practiced by the dictatorship, abandoned the organ and began operating in indigenous resistance to the regime, in the region of Araguaia, scene of several conflicts.
Witness of the most various atrocities against the Indians, Tiuré became one of the many Brazilians persecuted by the dictatorship, as recorded in the archives of the former National Intelligence Service (SNI), now open to public consultation at the national archives. Just managing to flee to Canada, where, after a long investigative process, was recognized as a political refugee.
After 25 years of exile, he returned to Brazil, in 2011, to fight for their recognition as political Convention and by the recognition of thousands of Indians as victims of the dictatorship. In particular the suruís, forced by the military to act on the extermination of the Araguaia guerrillas.
Waimiri-1942 The MPF will contact the also indigenous Porfírio oak, with the goal of clearing the violations committed against the ethnic waimiri-1942, complained by letter Most in the article “Truth Committee wants to include Indians in the list of victims of the dictatorship“, in 10/5. The old missionary and indigenous Egydio Samuel estimates that dictatorship against the investees waimiri-1942, coveted territory to host large works such as dams and roads, have cost at least two thousand lives.
“The decision of the MPF is very important because if the sum of the efforts that various entities has been doing to investigate these crimes, until now unknown to the majority of Brazilians,” says Marcelo Zelic, research coordinator “indigenous peoples and military dictatorship – subsidies for CNV (1946-1988)”, which has been made jointly by the Torture Never over São Paulo, judges for democracy and the Archdiocese of São Paulo to support the National Commission of truth.
According to him, the research, still in the initial phase, points to evidence of serious crimes, such as the extermination of villages via firing squad, inoculation of diseases by clothing or food contaminated with diseases and throwing dynamite by airplanes. There are also complaints about stocks of concentration camps, torture and illegal arrests.


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