Indians 16 villages deliver letter with requests to the Federal Government

9/13/2012 07:24 -updated 9/13/2012 07:26

Indians 16 villages deliver letter with requests to the Federal Government

Kayapo village chieftain gave copies to the various organs of the Government. Document has eight claims of 16 villages of the whole Brazil.

The Globo Rural

The Kayapo territory has about 40 villages spread over 11 million hectares, along the Xingu River basin.

There are eight thousand Indians with fame of brave and defenders of the Earth. The village Moikarakô, which is in the municipality of São Félix do Xingu, Pará, received last week about 1,200 Indians from various ethnicities. They discussed the major problems faced in the villages and drew up a document to be delivered to the Government in Brasilia. The mission was on account of the cacique Akiaboro.

In Attorney General of the Republic, the cacique attended an audience with the vice-Procuradora, Deborah Duprat and with special indigenous health Secretary, Antônio Alves. The lack of medicines, doctors and health clinics are some of the problems that the Indians report in the letter.

According to the Secretary, in the coming year, the Government will increase the resources earmarked for indigenous health.

The seven-page document also has other applications, such as the repeal of the Ordinance exempting the Government to consult the Indians for the construction of public works such as roads and hydroelectric plants within reserves. They ask yet, structure for the development of productive activities that guarantee income and a protective strip around the indigenous lands, to prevent native species are contaminated by transgenic products.

According to the cacique Akiaboro, Funai will deliver copies of the letter to several ministries, the National Congress and the Presidential Palace. The Indians want an audience with President Dilma Rousseff for dealing with problems of villages.


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