Fire destroys 6.5 thousand hectares of indigenous area and threatens the Xingu Park


9/15/2012 09:04 -updated 5:49 pm 9/15/2012

Fire destroys 6.5 thousand hectares of indigenous area and threatens the Xingu Park

Brigade 21 team is in place to combat forest fire. Fire focuses on indigenous land Wawi, in the city of Belluno.


The G1 MT

O fogo teve início no dia 3 com a queima de roça próximo a outra aldeia (Foto: Sandro Vieira)
The fire began on day 3 with the burning of fields near another village (photo: Sandro Vieira/Prevfogo)

A fire that has lasted 13 days consumed 6.5 thousand hectares of Indigenous Land vegetation, which is next to the Wawi Parque Nacional do Xingu. The affected area is located in the region of the city of Belluno, 912 km from Cuiabá.

According to the information provided by the environmental analyst of the Brazilian Institute of environment and renewable natural resources (Ibama), Nicélio Silva, 21 volunteers from the cities of Basil and Brasnorte are acting to combat the flames.

“The fire started by a burning farm and ended up losing control and advancing in this region of the Wawi, which is practically glued with the Xingu National Park,” said the G1.

Also according to Ibama, the brigade are in the region at the request of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), since the fire risk of next to the Parque do Xingu. The difficulty in fighting the fires, according to Scott, is in ignorance of the Brigade towards the region. Ibama secured the submission of new teams to the site, if the fire is not contained.


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