Project group billionaire Canadian wants to extract gold in Xingu


Monday, September 17, 2012 

Project group billionaire Canadian wants to extract gold in Xingu 

The rio Xingu will no longer be unique stage Belo Monte, the energy-generating controversy in construction in Pará. In a region known as the Volta Grande do Xingu, in the same area where it is being erected on the country’s largest hydroelectric megaproject, advances discreetly gold exploitation. The mining plan is already in an early stage of environmental licensing and will be run by the Canadian company Beautiful Sun Mining, Toronto -based company that intends to transform the Xingu River in the “largest gold exploration program of Brazil”.

The report is André Borges and published by the newspaper Valor, 9/17/2012.
The project is ambitious. The Belo Sun, which belongs to the Canadian group Forbes & Manhattan Inc., a privately held Bank that develops international projects, mining plans to invest US $ 1,076 billion in gold extraction and processing. The metal volume estimated already explains the reason for the billionaire and the arrangement of funding entrepreneurs to take forward a project that has everything to expand environmental controversies in the region. The average production for the processing plant, according to the environmental impact report of the Belo Sun, 4,684 kilograms of gold per year. This means an annual turnover of R $ 538,6 million, as the current quote made by BM & FBovespa metal.
Gold mining on the banks of the Xingu River will be made open to the sky, because “it is a bed next to the surface, with favorable geological conditions”. According to the environmental report of the Belo Sun, came to be checked also do an alternative underground mining, but “this was discarded due mainly to costs associated with.”
To take gold from the Xingu, the company will roll 37.80 million tons of ore treated in 11 first years of operation of the mine. Forecasts, however, are that the operation proceed for up to 20 years. By calculations of the Belo Sun, there will be approximately 2,100 employees and outsourced at the peak of the works.
The timing of the operation is already detailed. Last week, was held the first public hearing on the project in the municipality of Senador José Porfírio, where it will be exploited the mine. A second and final hearing is scheduled for October 25. All the environmental licensing process is being conducted by the Secretariat of Environment of Pará. The timeline of the Beautiful Sun provides for the obtaining of prior license of the project until the end of this year. The installation license, which allows the initial advance, work is expected for the first half of next year, with the beginning of the project from June 2013. Effective exploitation of gold would begin in the first quarter of 2015, when you leave the operation license.
All information has been confirmed by the Vice President of exploration of the Belo Sun in Brazil, Helio Diniz, who is based in the State of Minas Gerais. In an interview with value, Day said that the “Big Project” is the first venture of the Canadian company in Brazil and that its implementation has no connection with the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam or with partners.
“We are an independent operation without any kind of connection with the hydroelectric power plant. Our business is the mining of gold and work exclusively on this project, “said Diniz.
The “economic recovery plan” of the mine, according to the Executive, will be ready in six months. In the coming days, the Belo Sun opens offices in Bethlehem and in Altamira. Helio Diniz said that, currently, there are about 150 employees scattered in Volta Grande do Xingu, the region that is cut by the municipalities of Senador José Porfírio, Vitória do Xingu and Altamira.
The location foreseen to receive mine is located on the right bank of the River, a few miles below the point where it will be erected the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, in Pimental. The exploitation of deposit, second Day, will not advance on the river bed. “The mine is near the Xingu, but there is no direct action on the River.”
To finance your project, Canadians want to attract financial resources in Brazil. According to the Vice President of exploration of the Belo Sun, will be analyzed the possibility of obtaining funding from BNDES. “We can still consider the alternative to open the capital of the company on the Bovespa. Are actions that will be duly studied by us. “
According to the Belo Sun, the future reserved for the region of the mine, when gold mining is finally deactivated, will be the use of the project focused on the “alternative” tourism, supported by a “rehabilitation and re-vegetation program”. At the public hearing held last week, which was attended by about 300 people, the company informed that there will be relocating people from the area affected by the project and the construction of houses will be financed by Caixa Econômica Federal. The Belo Sun listed 21-environmental programmes to mitigate the impacts that will be caused to the region and to the life of the population.


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