Indigenous Leader Assassinated

“The indigenous leader Amilton Lopes was found dead on Sunday (16), in a river near the village of Pirakua in Bela Vista, a city which is 322 km from Campo Grande. Information is the Guasu Aty, bringing together indigenous leaders meeting in the southern region of the state. According to official statement, Amilton Lopes was indigenous leadership on national and international level and, moreover,…

was spokesman for Aty Guasu since 1980. The cause of death is still unknown. The Indian leadership was one of the Guarani and Kaiowá which had been threatened with death, according reported the assembly, which charges the police investigation. The Civil Police of Bela Vista, which will investigate the case, said it was informed of the fact this afternoon, but the body of Amilton not yet reached the city. According to police, the case was also reported to Funai (National Indian Foundation) “



One thought on “Indigenous Leader Assassinated

  1. What a big loss. People have to stand up worldwide- to protest against what is going on in the Amazon. This is not only a tragedy for the Indigenous people but also for the whole world if the interest in money , the greed is winning!!!

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