Fishermen paralyze work of dam of Xingu

Fishermen paralyze work of dam of Xingu

Posted in September 20, 2012

A group of about 50 fishermen set up camp at one of the nearby islands to the definitive work of the bus do Xingu-caisson sitio Pimental-and this Wednesday, 19, prevented the departure of ferry that takes workers and machines for the works on the channel.

After meeting the protesters decided that will remain in place indefinitely, and require the presence of the North energy and Ibama to negotiate some immediate demands linked to the activity of fishing, as compensation for the sector and authorisations to fish of susceptible species.

“Fishermen are feeling a reduction of about 50% in the production of fish. (River is drying up. Many species not spawned them last year according to the North’s intervention in rio, has much Energy fish dying, and in some places the company wants to prevent the work of fishermen “, explains Ana Sudhir Barbosa, Xingu Vivo Movement, which accompanies the mobilization.

On Wednesday night, a group of fishermen of ornamental fish joined the Group and requires the presence of Ibama to negotiate fishing for species that are found only in the region of the dam, and that will die with the intervention of the North energy. “They argue that if these species will die, the Ibama must release its collection of ornamental fish for fishermen who are saved and marketed,” explains Ana Sudhir.

Protest According to the leaders of the movement, the camp is a protest against the decision of Ibama allow the final closing of the River. In this case, the category was not consulted nor informed about how they can develop their activities, or how will the transposition of the boats on the dam. “The River is ours and we have come to fish. Has no way to prohibit fishing, we must carry out our work, “said Lucio Valley, President of the fishermen’s Colony of Altamira.

In the late afternoon of 19, civil police officers, accompanied by members of the Northern energy, were at the site of the demonstration. According to its agents, were make-s that the movement was peaceful.



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