Fishermen follow paralyzing Belo Monte dam


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fishermen follow paralyzing Belo Monte dam


The fishermen of Colonia Altamira still paralyzing work on caisson of Pimental. The camp has been receiving reinforcements daily, and relies on the presence of children and women.
This Thursday, 20, new Assembly decided to continue the protests. Support and solidarity groups coordinated by the Xingu Vivo Movement brought food to the camp, but the main source of livelihood is still fishing, which is still taking place on the outskirts of the caisson.

The information is from the Xingu Vivo Movement Forever, 9/21/2012.
According to Antonia Melo, Coordinator of the Xingu Vivo Movement around a military police helicopter 4:0 pm-with logo and officials of Northern Energy -returned to fly over and photograph the camping, so intimidating. “But the guys will continue la, and should get more fishermen. The chain made by boats, canoes, fishermen, who are on duty by closing the entrance of the caissons, still paralyzing work on the dam, “explains Antonia Melo.


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