MARINA SILVA on Belo Sun and Belo Monte~


On the sly

The Belo Monte plant to dry the Volta Grande do Xingu River, exposes to the Sun the public something more than the limo of the stones. The Canadian company Beautiful Sun Mining, Forbes & Manhattan group, aims to make the “largest gold exploration program of Brazil”, investing more than $ 1 billion to extract nearly five tons per year of the precious metal.

Already in the plant’s environmental impact report was the interest of 18 companies in research and mineral exploration in the area, but Ibama found this as irrelevant.

The mining licensing is being made by the Government of Pará. Everything indicates that knowledge of mineral potential is only a secret for the population, “investors” have the map of mine some time ago.

The Brazil lives a new “gold rush”, silent and hidden from public view, but intense to the point of making the mining activity modest 1.6% jump for expressive 4.1% of GDP in just ten years.

Needless to say that such an increase, although entered in the rise in the world economy, is the old continuity condition of the colony: the riches of the subsoil are Brazilian, almost in its entirety, to foreign trade. The “open veins of Latin America” (happy and sad expression of Galeano) continue bleeding.

Behind the great deals and notorious fortunes, always financed and facilitated by the State, lurks an underworld of environmental devastation and violence against traditional populations.

The National Congress avoca to itself the power to demarcate indigenous lands and Kanika license economic activities, while discussing a new Mineral Code and the creation of an agency for the sector.

Meanwhile, applications for licences for exploration and exploitation continue to be granted to arriving in little transparent process.

In Congress, is whether changes in the law to impede the demarcation of new protected areas (reserves, parks, quilombos, indigenous lands), decrease the size of the already demarcated and license the exploitation of its riches. In the way they are made, the changes meet the demands of economic groups unrelated to the interests of society and the country.

The Government comes with the retail trading of politics and the advertising of the justifications “national interest” and of “social inclusion”. The society lack the few hold: in-depth information that enable strategic definitions that meet the broader interests.

In public life, the surface of the most important issues debate resembles the infantilization promoted by candidates who offer to take care of the people. The conversation of adults, however, is done on the sly. Until when?

MARINA SILVA writes on Fridays in this column.

Marina SilvaMarina Silva, former Senator, was Minister of environment in Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Government candidate for the Plateau in 2010. Writes on Fridays in the printed version of the page A2.

2 thoughts on “MARINA SILVA on Belo Sun and Belo Monte~

  1. i urgently need to contwact marina sailva re my lande in parquepituacu salvador bahia brasil valor 40,000,000 20 milliond dollars vendido illegalmente , a terra onde eu estava construindo o theme park museu do indio.

  2. parque pituacu salvador vendido junho anno atraz, sim minha signatura e authorisa?. o homen { george cirne} compro o mesma homen que vendioa terra para mim anno 1987. o alvara de construcao ja tem paro construcao no planno de collar

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