Canadians will propose partnership in Belo Monte


Canadians will propose partnership in Belo Monte


Author (s): André Borges | Of Brasilia     Valor Econômico-9/24/2012


Canadian Beautiful Sun, which intends to deploy “the largest gold exploration project of Brazil” in the back of Xingu, the same place where being built the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, decided to make a proposal for a partnership to Norte Energia, a consortium responsible for the plant.

In an interview with Value, the Vice President of exploration of the Beautiful Sun in Brazil, Helio Diniz, said it will propose to Norte Energia the possibility of the two companies divide the investment necessary to build power transmission line that will connect the turbines of the hydroelectric power plant to the city of Altamira, Pará. “We will make this proposal. We need to discuss the synergies of the two projects, their costs and environmental impacts, “said Diniz. “We need energy for mining. So why make two lines? We may share this installation. Our concern nor relates to investment, but the possibility of reducing the environmental impact. “

Helio Diniz, who is based in the State of Minas Gerais, said that today will be in Brasilia for a meeting at the Ministry of mines and energy (MME). The goal, he said, is to make information on the enterprise which the company intends to install in the municipality of Senador José Porfírio, 14 km away from the Belo Monte dam. With the support of the MME, said Diniz, the Beautiful Sun wants to “establish a dialogue” with the owners of the Belo Monte dam. “We have already made several contacts with the North, but only with local technicians. I hope that we can manage a more direct and official contact. We need to discuss the synergies of the two projects. “

The Canadian mining plan would have surprised the North Energy Board that, according to interlocutors partnership was only know of gold extraction project after complaints from inhabitants who live in the region of Volta Grande, about threats they had to leave their homes due to the mining venture. The fact is that the project was poorly received by the North energy, which sees only a controversy to face while playing the construction of hydroelectric power.

Report of the value of the week revealed details of the Canadian plan. The Beautiful Sun, belonging to Forbes & Manhattan, privately-held Bank that develops international mining projects, intends to invest $ 1,076 credentialed media billion in gold extraction and processing. The average production for the processing plant, according to the environmental impact report of the Beautiful Sun, is 4,684 kilograms of gold a year, which means an annual turnover of approximately R $ 538,6 million.

The process of environmental licensing of mine is touched by the Environment Secretariat of the State of Pará, but mining authorization still depends on national mining Research Department (DNPM), federal authorities linked to Mme. last week, as added value, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Altamira found inconsistencies in the project and said it would ask for clarification to the company and the Government.

The news of “research” of the MPF has Beautiful Sun’s shareholders, which is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, decided to suspend a sum of $ 50 million to fund the next stage of development. According to Helio Diniz, the company opted to that decision “because of the nervousness” that engulfed the market. “This idea of investigation was misinterpreted by the market. Everyone understood that there was some irregularity, so the proposal was withdrawn. Then, explain that this is only for prosecutorial information request “, he commented. According to the Executive, the financial operation was resumed and is expected to be completed in 30 days.

Among the information that Canadians need to provide is the impact that the project will bring to the indigenous communities of the region. First, Helio Diniz said that the environmental impact report has not mentioned the Indians because these would not be affected by mining. Later, he gave new version. “I gave a wrong information. The complete study actually assesses the impact to the Indians, in addition to the synergy with the plant, “he said.

Second Day, the Beautiful Sun presented a petition to the National Indian Foundation (Funai) in February to gain access to the villages and, from there, make your withdrawals. “The problem is that so far we have received no reply. We have tried talking to Funai, but we couldn’t. “



One thought on “Canadians will propose partnership in Belo Monte

  1. Corruption will rule the game. Indigenous people don`t count. They will pay for our greed for money. Shocking that Brazil does this to its own people. Sad.Very sad.

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