Funai servers in Altamira paralyze activities and blame Belo Monte

9/24/20126:55 pm

Funai servers in Altamira paralyze activities and blame Belo Monte


Servers of Funai (National Indian Foundation), Altamira (the 900 miles from Belem), where it is being built the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant began on Monday (24) a stoppage for better working conditions.

With this, the organ building closed and attendance to the Indians was discontinued. The downtime should extend to tomorrow, Tuesday (25), and the prediction is that the activities to be taken up next.

Officials complain that the workload has grown due to the construction of the Belo Monte dam, which will affect the region’s Indians, and promises of improved conditions have not been fulfilled.

The servers have sent letter to the President of Funai in Brasilia, in claiming that an agreement was signed between Funai and Norte Energia, company responsible for Belo Monte, with the promise of building a new structure for the Funai of Altamira, which so far has not occurred.

According to the document, Norte Energia rented residential property for the part of Funai.

“With use and lack of maintenance of the building, working conditions worsened until it became impossible to develop any activity,” says the letter, signed by 15 employees of the Agency.

Sought, the Press Office of Funai said it became aware of the outage and initiated dialogue with the staff.

The North had not responded to the criticism of the servers until the publication of this report.


Another protest related to the Belo Monte dam occurred last week, organized by fishermen who claim to be affected by the work.

They gathered vessels where the CCBM (Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte) is building a first dam the Xingu River. Last Friday (21), the CCBM obtained an injunction in court determining the output of fishermen. The caisson work (temporary Dam) has been resumed.


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