I want to see peace in my village

   I want to see peace in my village that many squatters have destroyed our nation,
cabaram our forests, rivers, and the mother earth. Want to see the face of my people the joy that many vibration does not have. Thinking that my people forget a little of our suffering that poured blood neta land, know that it is impossible to forget the past because the pain of losing a relative is very sad.
Also that would like us to win the loyalty of our land that this on the domain of the farmers. In addition, want autonomy for my people to accomplish what they want. But to do all that depends on Tupa, justice.
But justice for many years has been taking our right giving to farmers, in addition to the breach that has with us, feigning that we don’t exist, further increasing our suffering in this land that many of our relatives have been suffering for this floor.
There are many good things that I aspire to my community, as for all the tribes of the world, why the Indians are people suffering by some people that just a few values.
In these countries the Indians do not welcome many are outcasts who suffer enough as the bias for being a person who has a different race, culture, customs.
(Yonana Pataxó)
This story was originally published in Indian Network on Line-www.indiosonline.net



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