Sentences end Congress of forests

September 26, 2012

Sentences end Congress of forests

Provisional measure of the forest code is adopted at the last vote in Congress

With only three votes against, the interim measure of the forest code, the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of new legislation, was approved today in the plenary of the Senate. The result is the release of still more forest areas to deforestation and environmental criminals amnesty.

On behalf of what they called “an agreement as possible” to avoid a so-called “legal uncertainty” in the field, the Government bowed to the concerns of the rural Caucus, failing to listen to the warnings of scientists and civil society. The text, deeply modified by the parliamentarians, lets further deforestation arise and old loggers are forgiven.

“The Government washed his hands and left the circus fire. And picked it up. The result is a weak forest code, which does not protect our forests and, on behalf of small farmers, enjoys great deforestation. Those who are plundering our environmental heritage and destroy forests betting on impunity today are happy, “said Marcio Astrini, Coordinator of Greenpeace’s Amazon Campaign.

“A few weeks ago, the President Dilma wrote a note to the nation, saying that he did not agree with the text that was approved. Now she needs to assert its word and vetoing this MP that came out of Congress, “he added Astrini.

In a short session for just the MP obeteve not unanimous approval. Of the 61 senators present, only Randolfe Rodrigues (PSOL-PA), Roberto Requião (PMDB-PR) and Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) declared their position against the tratoraço is always rewarding.

Randolfe Rodrigues was emphatic to show that many of the changes made in the text that came from President Dilma will worsen the country’s forest situation. The Senator recalled that “the APP’s (Permanent preservation areas) are responsible for maintaining the health of our rivers and springs. This is a disaster for the environment. “

The MP is now for presidential sanction. The President Dilma Rousseff said contrary to the agreement made between the parliamentarians to be held to vote on the matter before it lost its validity, on October 8. However, there has been no effort on the part of the plateau to reverse the destruction of one of Brazil’s most important laws.

“Not even the latest figures of deforestation, which has shown a growth of over 200% compared with the same period of the previous year, were enough to brake the Portuguese sanha on our forests. The way now is to approve the law of Zero deforestation in Brazil. The proposed law of popular initiative is an alternative for people who do not agree with the position of those who should represent them in Congress, “said Marcio Astrini.

Source: Greenpeace Brazil     Image: Agency Senate


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