After Highway protest, Indians from MT charge transport for Brasília


9/27/2012 1:10 pm -updated 9/27/2012 1:10 pm

After Highway protest, Indians from MT charge transport for Brasília

The Indians intend to charge the federal Government’s health resources. They are housed in the building of an NGO, in Cuiabá.


Gabriel AguilarThe G1 MT

A group of 40 Indians arrived in Cuiabá on Wednesday (26) and waits for transport to go to Brasilia, where he will claim health resources in village Halaytakw, located about 80 kilometers from the urban perimeter of Juína. The protesters from the ethnic Enawenê Nawê are housed in the building of non-governmental organization (NGO), Operação Amazônia (Opan), in the Centre of the capital.

The regional coordinator of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Juína, Antônio Carlos Aquino, explained that the city of Juína and the Government pledged to offer transportation to Indians so they could go to the Special Secretariat for indigenous health (Sesai), the Ministry of health. “The city was taking them to Cuiabá and the Government, to Brasilia,” said.

This agreement, as the regional coordinator for Funai, was done so that the Indians release the MT-170, Juína. Protesters blocked the highway on Tuesday morning (25) and were charging up to $ 100 toll of drivers that runs through the area. According to Antônio Carlos, they wanted to raise money to travel to Brasilia, but, as the Government was willing to defray shipping, closed the lock this Wednesday (26).

Indigenous leaders met with the Superintendent of Indian Affairs of Mato Grosso, Elizabeth de Oliveira, in NGOS, to set about the transport.

According to the regional coordinator of Funai, about 40 indigenous leaders go to Brasilia to the construction of a pharmacy and a health care center in the village and the creation of a new road to connect the village to the MT-170.


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