In Guajará-Mirim, RO, are trained to protect indigenous territory


9/26/2012 08:30 -updated 9/26/2012 08:32

In Guajará-Mirim, RO, are trained to protect indigenous territory

The course teaches the use of communication technologies and location. Indians learn techniques in the area of cartography and environmental legislation.


The G1 RO

Índios são capacitados para protegerem o próprio território (Foto: Energia Sustentável do Brasil / Divulgação)
Indians are able to protect their own territory (photo: Brazil’s Sustainable Energy/Disclosure)

The Indians of indigenous lands Bayou Ribeirão and Bayou Lage receive training course in the field of cartography and environmental legislation until this Friday (28) in Guajará-Mirim, RO. among the subjects, the group will learn to protect their own territory. The course is sponsored by Brazil’s Sustainable Energy (ESBR), through the programme of support for indigenous communities, in partnership with the National Indian Foundation (Funai). 21 Indians are learning how to use communication technologies and location.

According to the Coordinator of the programme of support for indigenous, Bruna Paes, the goal of the course is to train wardens of indigenous lands, offering environmental and economic benefits, in addition to stimulate the rational use of natural resources, using as an instrument respecting economic, socio-cultural, fauna and flora.

During training the Indians learn to utilize GPS, compasses, cartographic and satellite images, in addition to study about indigenous and environmental legislation.

According to ESBR, capacity-building involves the direct participation of representatives of indigenous lands for the construction of a sociambiental diagnosis for community development in the areas of health, education, production and culture, among others.

The ESBR says he is finishing the construction of the monitoring stations of indigenous lands that are equipped with location devices, and communication vehicles. 12 skilled Indians will be hired to work on the surveillance posts for one year.


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