Indians set fire to trucks of illegal loggers in Pará

Indians set fire to trucks of illegal loggers in Pará

Report No. 1033: Indians set fire to trucks of illegal loggers in Pará
Posted by: Admin in 9/28/2012.
Source of news: Ccme/Media Advisory
Ruy Sposati,
of Brasilia
Indígenas Tembé torched illegal loggers machinery and trucks  on Friday, 28. The wood was extracted illegally from indigenous lands (TI) High Guamá River in the stretch of territory which lies in the municipality of Nova Esperança do Piriá, Pará, Maranhão border. The land was approved in 1993.
“They take wood from there for many years. Not today, “explains a native leader Tembé. For the indigenous, the absence of a State policy that protects the Earth causes the situation to lose control. “We always warns the police sometimes picks up the machine, brings to the village and tells the police. But then the timber enters the Justice and the police end up having that return, he retrieves the machine and invades again. The only way out is to play fire “, he says.
“It turns out that there, the Indians end up doing surveillance on their own,” says Juscelino Bessa, technical coordinator of the National Indian Foundation (Funai). “On Wednesday [26], they found four trucks, three bulldozers and two trucks [loggers] and, for the first time, destroyed the machinery. This shows that the situation is quite serious, “exposes.
Through satellite imagery, you can see that about 50% of the area has been devastated. “The North [of YOU] has been completely depredado. What remains of wood is in the southern region, at the border with Maranhão, “says Juscelino. Indigenous to Funai reports indicate that there are at least 10 years already happen this excerpt from invasions.
The Funai Server explains that even before the land be regulated, has already happened. “After the Earth has been regularized, in fact, this process has been intensifying”. In General, the extractors are smallholders who work for buyers. “In fact, anyone who withdraws are only foreheads. Are ahead of the service, but has other people behind. Just you watch the investment, the new trucks, tractors. Those settlers have no money for this type of equipment “.
Funai and indigenous Indians, fear retaliation by the loggers. The Tembé sent reports on the latest happenings at Funai, who in turn referred her complaint to Federal prosecutors, and awaited the State to carry out an operation in the Indian territory.

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