Where is Funai ?

Organized by Universidade Federal do Tocantins, a two-day debate on the laws and indigenous health. .. Articles 169 of the ILO, the Indian statute, the Constitution, and article 5, ratifying international agreements as above laws signed by Brazil, diplomatic Theatre international organizations of human rights defenders …
..It was expected the participation of the President of FUNAI and the Attorney of the Republic of 6° camara, his Excellency Mrs Deborah Duprat among others, more, had 200 indigenous leaders who made the trip, often very far to seek their rights and participate in this great moment of democracy. …
well as I tanbem, comes rushing from Pernambuco to Palms to understand and record this Congress, but unfortunately in the last moment we were informed that the President of FUNAI excellence was not and would not in Deanna Deborah Duprat debate! without any kind of explanation …
I was not surprised but the Indians were many disappointed by wanting to get clear answers from the Government about the sad situation of FUNAI and indigenous health!
out that the debates have been very good, with the active participation of the MPF, the Indians, of academics, professors, federal judges and federal public defenders … check out the laws …
cannot lose its federal judge denounces the rulers of the three powers of Brazil for not respecting the Constitution and indigenous rights and international treaties. worth watching!
Published on September 24, 2012 by kenavovid



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