Belo Monte paves the way for mining billionaire in the Xingu River


Belo Monte paves the way for mining billionaire in the Xingu River



The Belo Monte hydroelectric plant will pave the way for a major gold exploration project in the Volta Grande do Xingu River, the stretch that will be most impacted by the work, with the loss of up to 80% of its flow. The company Beautiful Sun Mining Corp., headquartered in Canada, presents the project as the “largest gold project under development in Brazil”.

The forecast is for a total investment of just over $ 1 billion and that in 11 years of operation, should be produced 51.2 tons of gold, an average of 4.6 tons of gold per year.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Altamira (PA) has begun investigating the Beautiful Sun Mining project, which is being licensed by the State Secretariat of Environment of Pará (Sema).

The Environmental impact report (Rima) project, however, does not take into consideration the dam and evaluates the cumulative impacts that a project of this size could cause in a region under severe environmental damage.

The power plant is only mentioned in the part about power supply, but in truth the change in flow and in the course of the River will make the deployment of the mine by the Beautiful Sun Mining Corporation.

The Attorney of the Republic Thais Santi asks for a project of this size in an area already weakened with the Belo Monte plant installation, precisely the area that is affected by the diversion of the flow of the Xingu River to feed the hydroelectric turbines.

The MPF questions the absence of information about impacts to indigenous people in the Back. No studies and the National Indian Foundation (Funai) even was consulted for licensing.

The MPF has asked the National Department of Mineral production information about the operating licenses that the company Beautiful Sun Mining Corp. has in the Xingu region. According to the company Web site, it is an enterprise headquartered in Canada and “portfolio” in Brazil.

-Beautiful Sun Mining is searching for gold along the richest mineral belts in northern Brazil, a region with vast mineral wealth and a vibrant and modern mining industry. The Brazil has a major world mining industry with a significant exploration potential. The favourable political climate has also Brazil, with a newly modernized mining code and, despite these geological conditions, remains largely unexplored – says the company internet site.

The company informs that it owns the rights to exploration and mining in an area of 1,305 square kilometers that is known for artisanal mining. Is one of the concerns of the MPF, since, according to the residents of the islands of the Volta Grande do Xingu, they still owns the mining rights in the region.




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