Politicians of all Brazil are landowners in the Amazon and Cerrado


Politicians of all Brazil are landowners in the Amazon and Cerrado

Data from the book “Earth party-as politicians conquer the Brazilian territory”, obtained from goods declarations to the Electoral Court, show that politicians from all regions of the country have land in the Amazon and in the Cerrado.

Alceu journalist Luis Castillo, author of the book, the Publisher’s recent release Context, analyzed almost 13 thousand declarations of politicians elected in 2008 and 2010. In São Félix do Xingu (PA), the second largest in the country, with the biggest cattle herd, the politicians have more than 12 thousand hectares.

The Stop is one of the main targets of politicians-even in arc of deforestation, municipalities in Pará and Mato Grosso.
The book exposes the thesis of a “rural political system”, from which emerges a phenomenon more known, the famous Portuguese bench.
According to the book, between State and federal members of Parliament, senators and Governors elected in 2010 and 2006, 548 thousand hectares, 88 000 stay in other States other than those where they have electoral domicile.
Rural areas declared by the mayors, 22.56% are also in other States. Are 262 thousand thousand hectares, out of a total of 1.16 million hectares reported by them to the TSE.
Of the 22 mayors of Acre elected at 2008, 10 are rural landowners. Adding the vice-mayors, 13 municipalities of Acre (59.09%) have politicians landowners ahead of prefectures. The percentage between the mayors is 45.45%.
The State that has the most “mayors and vice-mayors with Earth” is the Mato Grosso (with 62.41% among mayors, 78.72% including vice-mayors). Then come Paraná, Bahia and Espírito Santo, counting the vice-mayors. In all these States more than 70% of the municipalities have the mayor or the vice “with the Earth”.
Counting only the prefects order changes: after the Mato Grosso come Bahia (53.62%), Tocantins (53.24%), Rondônia (52.73%), Goiás (52.05%), Espírito Santo (51.95%) and Piauí (51.12%). In all these cases more than half of mayors owns rural land.
The list of 31 politicians with more hectares, according to the statements delivered by themselves to the Electoral Court, has a mayor of Acre: Hilário Melo (EN), Jordan. He declared the possession of 17,842 hectares, in 2008, R $ 42,942 .87.
One of the lands of Mao, to 17,731 hectares, was declared by R $ which. The relation R $/hectare of these lands is one of the lowest of 13 thousand statements analyzed: $ 2.41 – equivalent to the price of a can of beer.
Among the estates (at least 2 thousand hectares), this ratio is only higher than that of a Senator’s farm with Fields J Grosso $/is $ 0.017.
The book also lists environmental crimes on political grounds. One of the cases is the elected Mayor of Feijó, Juarez Leitão, PT, away by the Electoral Court, which has been choked by the Ibama’s work, from deforestation. Piglet was fellow trade unionist, Tapper Chico Mendes and came to preside over the National Council of rubber tappers.
“Earth party” also brings an unprecedented list of politicians loggers: there are more than 60 names. Four are of Pará, Amapá, one of Rondônia. Several have already been accused – some even arrested – environmental crimes.
One of the chapters about the environment where Luiz Augusto Ribeiro do Valle. He has been Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Agricultural and forest Defense of Acre. Had an area choked by Ibama, in 2007, by destroying or damaging forests.
Another name that pops up (always in the 17th chapter of the book, arc of deforestation) is the Darly Alves da Silva Filho, from deforestation in Xapuri.
The book also addresses crimes against indigenous peasants, and workers at the behest of politicians.



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